It is the Karachi Grammar School, commonly known as KGS. Karachi Grammar School KGS Admission 2024-23 Apply Online is available here. It is a school for private students that focuses on the complete individual, creative and personal growth of its children. In addition to the highest quality of education, Karachi Grammar School provides an array of extracurricular activities, including debate contests, sports galas and creative art festivals, dramatic stage plays etc. Karachi Grammar School is committed to developing students’ self-confidence and imagination through encouragement and support.

KGS often encourages and supports parents’ participation and participation in school-related activities such as PTMs (Parent Teacher’s Meetings) and bake sales, blood donation events, environmental workshops, etc.


Karachi Grammar School Admission 2024-23

The Karachi Grammer School is a private English grammar school. It is situated at Saddar, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. KGS is a border school. There are 2,400 students at the school aged between 3 and 19 years old. KGS School was founded in 1847. KGS School was established in 1847. It was initially known under the title of the Anglo-Indian School. The school is located on three sites. Karachi Grammar School KGS Admission has expanded from a school with just a couple of hundred students to an institution that now has three locations and has educated more than 2 000 students since the year.

How to Apply For Karachi Grammar School Admission 2024

Suppose you meet the eligibility requirements according to the above-written guidelines for Karachi Grammar School KGS Admission. In that case, they will inform you that you need to review the admissions schedule to confirm your appointment with the Karachi Grammar School KGS Admission representative.

Karachi Grammar School KGS Admission Requirements

Once you have made an appointment, you must go to the admissions office for Karachi Grammar School KGS Admission with your child and the needed documents. It is necessary to bring the following original documents to be presented to the office to make sure you’re not a fake.

  • Photograph of the passport size of your child
  • CNIC of the parents of the child
  • The B-form of the child
  • The medical record of your child is required (optional)

Karachi Grammar School Admission Form

In the next step, you will need to know the deadlines for Karachi Grammar admissions 2024. You can download the admission form from the official website of KGS for Karachi Grammar School KGS Admission. If you have any other questions or queries, you can send feedback in the next section for comments to find more information.

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Karachi Grammar School interview Questions

Karachi Grammar School KGS Admission is a private, highly selective and independent school whose primary instruction medium is English. The school offers co-education from levels of junior school. Following that, students will receive their appointment slips after the successful interview will result in registration.

TEST Syllabus

The test will take place during the early morning hours. The subjects tested are

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Urdu
  • General Science

Karachi Grammar School KGS Admission 2024-23 Apply Online

Karachi Grammar School KGS Admission 2024-23 Apply Online

Karachi Grammar School Fees 2024

Karachi Grammar School Fee (Monthly Fee) The admission fees each month for Karachi Grammar Schools are similar to other top educational institutions in Karachi. It is possible to be an alumnus of this school at a low cost because it is among the best Schools in Karachi with high educational standards.

Karachi Grammar School A-level Admission

The subjects available at O-level are English Language, English Literature, Urdu, French, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography History, Pakistan Studies, Economics, Sociology, Islamiat, Bible Knowledge, Computer Studies and the arts.

A-level provides Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Accounting, English Literature, Urdu, Economics, Business Management, Sociology, Geography, History, Psychology, Computer Studies and Art. Furthermore, the students are all ready to take CIE General Paper. CIE General Paper helps them develop their English knowledge and skills in thinking.

Academic structure at Karachi Grammar School KGS

KGS is spread across several locations and is divided into four sections based on the stage of education for students:

  • At the Clifton Clifton (opened on November 1, 1991), classes for housing from the age of infants to Class VI.
  • In the Saddar area, there are classes for classes VII, VIII, and IX.
  • At Clifton, the location houses classes of A- and O-levels.

Contact Information of Karachi Grammar School

To know more of this prestigious private school or resolve any query, you can contact the following details:

Designation Contact Number Email Address
Principal (021) 35876455 [email protected]
Chief Accountant (021) 35876455 [email protected]
College Section – Headmistress (021) 35876414 [email protected]
Middle Section – Headmistress (021) 32253732 [email protected]
Kindergarten and Junior Sections – Headmistress (021) 35833582 [email protected]


How do I apply to be considered for KG?

If you’re interested in joining KGS, Please fill out an application form, fill it out carefully and return it at any of our offices.

What is KGS Co-education?

The school is a highly selective co-educational day school (formerly day/boarding schools) that has around 2400 students who are aged between three and 19 years old.

Who was the person who founded Karachi Grammar School?

Brereton, the first Chaplain in Karachi, begins an introductory class, from which KGS develops. The school is officially founded through Sir Henry Bartle Frere and reopens as the Karachi European and Indo-European School.

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