Cadet College Kasur is now taking applications for its 6th to 9th and 1st-year classes for 2024. Kids can apply on the NTS website until March 9, 2024. NTS will also handle their entry tests in Islamabad. To join, apply online at the NTS site, download the test application, and send it to the NTS office by the deadline. Your test results and roll number will be online, and they’ll pick students based on test scores. The test will follow the 6th-grade Balochistan Book Board’s syllabus.

LCIC Cadet College Kasur NTS admission 2024

LCIC Entry Test 2024 for Grades, 7, 8, 9 and 1st year will be conducted at LCIC Cadet College Kasur. Candidates must participate in the Entry Test organized by NTS. Selected candidates will have the opportunity for Cadet Training. To take the Entry Test, forms must be submitted to NTS by March 27, 2024. Following the test, there will be an interview. The test will be held in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, Quetta, Peshawar, Karachi, and Kasur. Scholarships are available. Cadet College Kasur is currently accepting applications for 2024.
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His plan was to give all children who deserved it a free education and help the country fix its serious lack of technical and professional skills. He then stopped working and put all of his time into making this College better. The College runs two campuses. One is in the village of Behera, which is in the Tehsil and District of Kasur. The other is in the village of Desirae, which is in the Tehsil and District of Bhakkar.

Cadet College Kasur NTS Admission Form Download

Cadet College has announced the application deadline for the current semester. Students from different schools are competing for admission, hoping to demonstrate their ability to meet the Cadet training requirements. The institution has certain advantages. Some students are not admitted due to financial constraints or poor performance in the previous session, as these are necessary criteria for acceptance. However, many students hesitate to discuss their problems openly or with their parents, considering it a sign of weakness, despite facing various challenges.

LCIC Cadet College Kasur admission 2024 NTS Apply Online

LCIC Cadet College Kasur admission 2024 NTS Apply Online

Lahore College of Intellectuals & Cadets (LCIC) Kasur Admission 2024

Lahore College of Intellectuals and Cadets (LCIC Kasur) is currently accepting applications for the 2024 school year, specifically for the fourth entering session 2024. The college is located on the Raiwind-Kasur road, around 13 km from Raokhanwala in the Kasur district. LCIC is widely recognized as the top cadet college in Kasur. It emphasizes academic excellence, character development, and physical fitness. Graduates are well-prepared to serve as commissioned officers in the armed forces. Students at this boarding school follow a disciplined and organized lifestyle. They learn to remain calm and confident in challenging situations. The cadet program instills values such as selflessness, self-respect, honesty, diligence, perseverance, duty, fairness, leadership, patriotism, and bravery.

NTS Scholarship Online

Cadet College Kasur NTS Admission 2024 Online

Cadet College has announced that they will accept students during the specified session. Eligible students from various classes, including those with average or low grades, can apply and receive cadet training. Pakistan has a variety of colleges, some of which have high standards. Some students are unable to enter these colleges due to financial constraints or poor performance in previous exams. Many students face different problems, but they tend to avoid discussing them openly, fearing judgment from their peers and parents.

LCIC Cadet College Kasur Fee Structure

Those who want to go to Cadet College Kasur need to know how much it costs and what other costs there are. Fill out the form as soon as possible. In the college’s official ad below, you can find information about how to apply, who is eligible, when admissions are held, and how to get in touch.

Fee Structure First Time on Admission Monthly Charges
Admission Fee Rs. 31st000/- Monthly Tuition Fee Rs. 6500/-
Security Rs. 15000/- Cadets Training Classes Rs. 6500/-
Development Charges Rs. 15000/- Boarding/Lodging Rs. 17000/-
Total Rs. 60000/- Total Rs. 31st000/-

cadet college Kasur admission 2024 last date

  • Last Application Date: 2024-03-9

LCIC Cadet College Kasur Test Date

  • Announced soon>>>>>>

Eligibility Criteria for Cadet College Kasur Admission

Cadet College Kasur is a premier institution for cadet training and education run by senior officers in the Pakistani armed forces. In addition, it offers financial aid in the form of scholarships. At some point, NTS will likely administer an entry exam. Admission to Cadet College Kasur is contingent upon the applicant meeting the entry requirements and scoring well on the associated test.

Cadet College Kasur Entry Test for 2024

The Director of Admissions Lahore College for Inter Colleges Lahore will run the Admission Test, which the candidates must take. The Cadet College Kasur NTS Admission test will be given at the following places on Friday, March 27, 2024, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Download Admission Form Online

Examination Center

The entry test will be held in the following city centers:

  • Lahore
  • Rawalpindi
  • Multan
  • Quetta
  • Peshawar
  • Karachi
  • Kasur

NTS Cadet College Kasur admission Entry Test Result

LCIC Cadet College Kasur NTS Test Result 2024 6th 7th 8th and 9th

Cadet College Kasur Contact Details

  • Website
  • Email [email protected]
  • Phone No. 0321 4441844 / 0346 4441844 / 0342 4441844
  • Address 13 KM Raiwind-Kasur Road, Near Raokhanwala, District Kasur

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