The students who are seeking admission in engineering or related programs their wait is ended, because the ETEA UET Peshawar Fall Admission 2024 has been announced currently and the its procedure and details about Online Apply last date is updated here. If you’re someone who is looking to embark on a new educational journey and wants to be a part of a renowned institution, then this blog is for you. In collaboration with the National Testing Service (NTS), we bring you all the details you need to know about the online application process. So, without further search, let’s dive right into it!

ETEA UET Peshawar Fall Admission 2024

The UET Peshawar Masters and PhD Admission 2024 Form is now open! To ensure a fair selection process, UET Peshawar conducts an entry test for all prospective students. You can find soon the entry test date on our website. Moreover, UET Peshawar is affiliated with several prestigious universities. Before applying for ETEA UET Peshawar Fall Admission 2024 in Masters Programs, please ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria stated on this page below.

Last Date : 28/08/2023

ETEA UET Peshawar Fall Admission 2024 Online Apply Last Date

ETEA UET Peshawar Fall Admission 2024 Online Apply Last Date Online Apply 2024

Applying to UET Peshawar used to be hard. But now, the official website,, has made it easier for Fall Admission 2024. You can apply online with just a few clicks. All you need to do is give your correct personal and educational information, upload the papers they need, and pay the fee. This way, you can join one of Pakistan’s best colleges and start your journey to doing great in studies.

ETEA UET Peshawar Fall Admission 2024 Last Date

As Fall Admission 2024 gets closer, remember the last date for UET Peshawar admission 2024 which is 28 August 2024. Doing things on time is important to get a spot in the next school year. Do not miss out on this good chance, make sure to remember the date and apply online before it’s too late. This way, you can avoid any worries and have an easy time applying.

Eligibility Criteria

Understanding the eligibility criteria is essential before embarking on your UET Peshawar Fall Admission 2024 journey. The institution sets specific academic standards that applicants need to meet for consideration. These criteria vary based on the program you wish to enroll in. Alongside academic requirements, particular programs might have age limitations or prerequisites you should know. Thoroughly reviewing the eligibility criteria ensures that you proceed confidently with your application.

  • For undergraduate programs, students must achieve a minimum score of 60% in the annual system or obtain a CGPA of 3.0 in the semester system.
  • Passing the ETEA entry test is mandatory for all applicants.
  • Candidates applying for admission must obtain a minimum of 50% marks in either the ETEA or GRE tests.
  • For Ph.D. programs, applicants should score above 60% in either the ETEA or GRE tests.

Please note that meeting the specified criteria is essential for successful admission.

How to Apply for ETEA UET Peshawar Fall Admission 2024 Online Apply

Handling the online application process for ETEA UET Peshawar Fall Admission 2024 is straightforward. Here’s your guide:

  1. Access the Website: Visit to fill the form for Fall Admission 2024.
  2. Create an Account: Register on the website or log in if you already have an account.
  3. Fill in the Form: Provide accurate personal and academic details as required in the online application form.
  4. Upload Documents: Prepare and upload the necessary documents, such as academic transcripts and identification.
  5. Pay the Fee: Process the application fee through the secure online payment portal.
  6. Please review and Submit: Before finalizing, review your application for accuracy, then submit it.

In conclusion, the ETEA UET Peshawar Fall Admission 2024 Online Apply process brings your academic aspirations within reach. With the convenience of the official website, understanding key dates, meeting eligibility criteria, and navigating the application process are steps towards a promising educational journey. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – start your journey to success at UET Peshawar today!

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