The SSC Result Marksheet for the year 2024 will be released shortly. Students who have taken the SSC exams can easily check their results online. The marksheet will provide a comprehensive overview of the student’s performance in each subject, including marks obtained in both theory and practical exams. It will also display the student’s overall grade and percentage. In Pakistan, the SSC Result Marksheet is represented using GPA (Grade Point Average) and Letter Grades. Each subject’s marks are displayed as Letter Grades, and the total marks are calculated by summing up the individual GPAs. Students can download and print their SSC Results with Marksheet 2024 online and offline, as permitted by the Government of Pakistan.

Result Of SSC 2024

The SSC marks sheet and final results for 2024 can be accessed on the official website of the relevant education board. Additionally, students can also receive their results through text messages or online platforms. It is convenient to send a message using any mobile phone. Please note that hard copies of the results will not be provided to educational institutions by the Education Board. Instead, institutions can download the paperless results from the respective boards of education websites.

SSC mark sheet Download Online

  • First, go to the website –
  • Select “SSC/Dakhil” and then click on the “Examination” choice.
  • Choose “2022” and then “Year” choice.
  • Choose the education board from the “Board” option.
  • Note down the SSC roll number carefully when you click the “Roll” the “Roll” selection.
  • Make sure you write your SSC exam registration number on the “Reg” No” option.
  • Complete the numeric captcha.
  • Example: 4+3 = 7
  • Then, go through all the details and then click “SUBMIT”.
  • After you’ve completed the test, you’ll receive your SSC result in 2024!

SSC Grading System

Letter Grade System of Individual Subject
Marks / Score Letter Grade GPA
80-100 A+ 5
70-79 A 4
60-69 A- 3.5
50-59 B 3
40-49 C 2
33-39 D 1
0-32 F 0

SSC Result 2024 Check Online

Below are the complete instructions to examine SSC results from

  • Then, visit the website:
  • Select “SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent” to the “Examination” option.
  • Choose “2022” and then “Year” alternative.
  • Choose the education board from the “Board” option.
  • Select the result type “Individual result” in the “Result Type” option.
  • Enter the SSC roll number in detail in”Roll “Roll” selection.
  • You may skip your SSC exam registration number in the “Registration” section. It’s optional.
  • The solution to the captcha for security keys.
  • Review all details before clicking “SUBMIT”.

After you’ve completed it, you’ll be able to get your SSC 2024 Result!

SSC Result Mark Sheet 2024 with Number Download

Parents and students usually are a bit disappointed on the day the publication of the results arrives each year following a long time. In addition, there is the impression of anger and impatience. That is because, aside from publishing the results of the Ministry of Education, everyone goes to the Higher Secondary Education and Pakistan Secondary Board’s results publication website simultaneously to get quick results that result in the website being temporarily inaccessible due to the overwhelming of users.

SSC Result Marksheet 2024 With Number Download Online

SSC Result Marksheet 2024 With Number Download Online

Everyone is frustrated when they cannot download the desired Marksheet in time. If you do another method, you’ll be able to download your desired results and Marksheets.

SSC Mark Sheet

 Example of SSC Result With Marksheet 2024

Roll No [NOT SHOWN] Registration No [NOT SHOWN]
Name of Student SONIA KHATUN
Mother’s Name RINA BEGUM
Board JESSORE Session 2012-13
Result GPA=4.31 Date of Birth 05-11-1998

SSC Results 2024 Marksheet sent by SMS

How can I determine how many marks I will receive from the SSC or Dakhil / Vocational Examination 2024 by SMS? The most efficient method to see results immediately is to track the results by sending an SMS through your phone. In this instance, having enough money on your phone is essential. Because 3 takas will be deducted from one SMS. Here is information on how you can easily find your results from the SSC or Dakhil / Vocational Examination 2024 on your mobile for every educational board.

General Education Board: Write the three initial words of your name for the SSC Board of Education. SSC Board of Education Write the roll number 2024 and mail it to 16222.

SSC Results Notesheet 2024 All Board

SSC Result MarkSheet 2024 Pakistan Board Results. This year’s SSC or similar results is 93.58 percent of students passed with 100% for the ten educational boards. The entire 1 Lac of 35 000 and 898 students get a CGPA of 5 this year in 2024. In the year 2024, SSC or equivalent exam result was 80.35 percent of students passed with 100% on the ten educational boards. The entire 1 Lac 9 000 and 761 students were awarded a CGPA of five in the previous year, 2024. The passing percentage and total CGPA of 5 are both growing.

SSC Result Mark sheet with all Subject-wise Numbers 2022

This year’s SSC or similar result is 87.44 percent of students passed from 100 percent for the educational boards of Pakistan. Madrasa Board’s passing percentage is 88.22 percent and Vocational Board giving percentage is 83.11 percent. The previous year’s SSC or similar results in 2024 showed 93.85 percent of students passed with 100% for the educational boards of 08 in Pakistan. The Madrasa Board passing percentage is 88.22 percent, and the Vocational Board passing percentage is 83.11 percent. In 2024, Madrasa Board & Vocational Board have improved and are growing.

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