The results for the HEC USAT 2024, held on 28th April, have been officially announced. Candidates can now access the USAT Answer keys online through the HEC official website at or via It is important to note that all colored answer keys and the final selected candidates list, including the Merit List, are available for download from the same page. This announcement is a crucial step for all candidates who participated in the exam, as it provides them with the opportunity to review their performance and check their standing in the selection process. We encourage all candidates to promptly access the results and related information to stay informed about their progress in this important evaluation.

USAT Test Result Final Dates Announced

Test Category Stream/Discipline
USAT-E Pre Engineering
USAT- M Pre Medical
USAT-A Art & Humanities
USAT-CS Computer Science
USAT-GS General Science
USAT-COM Commerce
Test Date 28th April 2024
Testing Agency ETC
USAT Result Check Online
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HEC USAT Test Result 2024

The HEC USAT Result 2024 is now available for candidates to check online. To access your result, simply visit the official HEC website and navigate to the designated result section. Enter your roll number or other required details to view your performance in the exam. It is important for all candidates to stay updated on the result announcement and take necessary steps accordingly. The HEC USAT Result 2024 is a crucial factor in determining the next steps in your academic journey, so make sure to check it as soon as possible.

USAT-M Pre Medical Test Result 2024

The USAT-M Pre Medical Test Result for 2024 has been released, and we are pleased to announce that all candidates can now access their scores. We understand the anticipation and hard work that goes into preparing for this test, and we want to congratulate all the candidates for their efforts. Whether you have achieved the scores you were hoping for or not, remember that this is just one step in your journey towards a career in medicine.

HEC USAT Result 2024 Answer Key Check Online

HEC USAT Result 2024 Answer Key Check Online

USAT-E Pre Engineering Test Result 2024

The USAT-E Pre Engineering Test Result for 2024 will be held on 28th April. This test is an important step for all candidates aspiring to pursue a career in engineering. It is crucial for candidates to prepare thoroughly and showcase their knowledge and skills in the test. The results of this test will determine the future academic and professional opportunities for the candidates. It is essential for all candidates to stay updated with the test details and guidelines provided by the organizing body.

HEC USAT Answer Key 2024

The HEC USAT Test Answer Key 2024 for all colors of the test will be conducted on 28th April. This key will be an essential tool for candidates to assess their performance and calculate their scores. It will provide a clear and accurate indication of the correct answers for each section of the test, allowing candidates to evaluate their strengths and areas for improvement. The answer key will enable all candidates to review their responses and understand the rationale behind the correct answers, helping them to identify any misunderstandings or gaps in their knowledge.

How to Check USAT Result 2024

To check the HEC USAT Result 2024 and access the answer keys, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the official HEC website or the ETC portal at
  • Look for the “USAT Result 2024” or “USAT Answer Keys” section on the website.
  • Enter your CNIC or Ticket number (as required) to view the result or access the answer keys.
  • Once the result is displayed, you can view and download the detailed result or the answer keys for the respective USAT test.

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