ICAP Pakistan Result 2023 Autumn & Spring Check Online

We want to inform you that the officials have made public the AFC, CFAP, MSA, and ICAP Pakistan Result for fall 2023. AFC is the acronym Assessment Fundamental Competencies, and CAF refers to Certificates for Accounting and Finance. The department that conducts examinations for both sectors organizes the exam process every year during September. The same thing happened in the last year’s examination procedure as well. After they have completed their exam and their examinations, it could take about two months to announce outcomes for students. Students enrolled in the exam system have been waiting to receive the outcomes of their efforts in their hands.

ICAP AFC Result 2023

You have two options to verify your results online. One is via your mobile phone. The authorities have not yet disclosed their findings from the AFC. It is anticipated that officials will announce the results within the next two months. Therefore, you must keep an eye on it, as we’ll update the site to announce the results shortly.

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How To Check ICAP Results Through Sms

The administration of ICAP has introduced a method to verify results on mobile. You can also send your roll number via 8282, and your results will be displayed on your display.

How To Check ICAP Result On Mobile

Candidates who took the ICAP exam are currently looking for ways to verify ICAP results from mobile devices. In addition, they have announced the method to verify ICAP Results from a mobile phone. Send their roll number to 8282, and you will get a reply SMS within minutes.

That focused on the ICAP Pakistan Resultfor Spring 2023. ICAP Pakistan Result have been announced, but They will announce those for AFC shortly. That means that you need to be patient, and we will provide you with the exact result when we announce the CAF results. Keep in touch with us.

CAP Student Login 2023

Furthermore, the Technical Department Technical Department works closely with organizations such as The IASB, IFAC, SAFA, CAPA, and AAOIFI, all international professional associations. We will still provide students with the latest information and exam dates via this department. ICAP Pakistan Result for the Institute of ICAP Pakistan Result are accessible to all candidates.

ICAP Pakistan Result 2023 Autumn & Spring Check Online

ICAP Pakistan Result 2023 Autumn & Spring Check Online

Download Online ICAP Pakistan Result 2023 Spring and Autumn

ICA Pakistan conducts examinations in four different phases. These phases are determined mid-year, spring harvest time, autumn, and winter. Once they’ve completed their assessment cycle, it could take about two months to consider declaring the outcomes of students. They may announce it through an online system or SMS notifications designed for students. Click here to go through the ICAP Pakistan Result 2023 online.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants is a highly well-known and well-respected foundation in the area of bookkeeping. It was founded on the 1st of July in 1961 to facilitate bookkeeping directly in Pakistan. Pakistan’s Board of Accountancy Inspectors was established following the Code of Conduct 1950.

ICAP Pakistan Result Autumn & Spring

The examination department in both sectors manages the procedure of exams every once a year. If the exam results are concerned, you can look up the results on our website. There is no need to go through these streets since, with just a single click, we’ll provide you with all the details about your performance and the following schedule for the exam through ICAP. When the final date for ICAP results for 2023 is to be announced, we will update it on the hyperlink to check your result on our webpage.

CA Result 2023

Students can choose a method for reviewing ICAP results in 2023 based on their comfort level. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan examines these courses two times a year, in spring and autumn. The Institute is concerned it could take two months to announce the courses’ results. Students are advised to wait until the ICAP results are announced in 2023.

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Address: Chartered Accountants Avenue Clifton Karachi-75600

UAN: 111-000-422

Email: [email protected]


How can I verify my ICAP results online?

Login to the ICAP student portal. You can view your results using your roll’s name and CNIC No.

How can I get ICAP to result by SMS?

To confirm the result of ICAP, use SMS, Enter ICAP, and then send it to 8282.

How many papers does CA have in Pakistan?

The curriculum of CA through ICAP comprises four stages: PRC, CAF, CFAP, and MSA. The PRC stage comprises five papers, and the CAF stage is divided into two sections (group A and group B) 4 papers from group A and four papers in group B. CFAP stage contains six papers. The MSA stage has two papers; however, after the CAF stage, there is an articleship period of 3.5 years.

Are CA more challenging than MBBS?

The difficulty levels of both fields are the same. It is necessary to be determined and knowledgeable to conquer both fields. I’m hoping this helps you to the greatest extent.

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