DPS School and College Kasur Jobs 2024 NTS Test Result Candidate List will be announced online soon. Through NTS, recruitment test is conducted on 17th of September 2024. Answer key is going to release on the test date evening. All the eligible candidates who are appeared in the recruitment test are waiting for their result. Here is good news for them, result and candidate list will be released soon. Shortlisted candidates will be selected for interview.

DPS School and College Kasur has undertaken a rigorous selection process for its 2024 job vacancies. The National Testing Service NTS was entrusted with the task of conducting the assessment, and now it’s time to unveil the results and the list of successful candidates. This article delves into the details of the DPS School and College Kasur Jobs 2024 NTS Test results and the candidate list.

DPS School and College Kasur Jobs 2024

If you are interested to check your District Public School and College Kasur Jobs 2024 result then you can access your result, answer key and candidate list through our website because we are providing you the official link of NTS www.nts.org.pk. You will check your result by providing your name or CNIC number. Answer key is released before the test for those students who are eagerly waiting for their result. They can compare their answers with answer keys. We are providing you the detail including checking the result procedure.

DPS School and College Kasur, also known as Divisional Public School & College Kasur, has a rich history of delivering quality education. Established with a vision to nurture young minds, this institution has become synonymous with academic excellence and holistic development.

DPS School and College Kasur Jobs 2024 NTS Test Result Candidate List

DPS School and College Kasur Jobs 2024 NTS Test Result Candidate List


www.nts.org.pk 2024 Result

Check online result candidate list of DPS School and College Kasur Jobs 2024.  Entrance test will be held on 17/09/2024 and in the evening answer key will be release. you can check answer key result and candidate list on the official website www.nts.org.pk. 

DPS School and College Kasur Jobs 2024

Those candidates who have applied through proper channel and fee has been submitted, will received roll no slip before entrance test. Without roll no slip, candidate can’t appear in the examination hall for test. If you didn’t receive then contact NTS centers available in various cities of Pakistan.

The 2024 Job Vacancies

To maintain its standard of excellence, DPS School and College Kasur Jobs 2024 announced various vacancies for this year. These positions span across various departments and are crucial for the school’s continued growth and success.

NTS Test 2024

The National Testing Service NTS is a renowned organization known for its impartial and rigorous testing procedures. When it comes to selecting candidates for educational institutions, NTS is the gold standard.

Application and Registration Online

Candidates interested in the DPS School and College Kasur job vacancies had to go through a rigorous application and registration process. This step involved providing essential documents and ensuring eligibility criteria were met.

NTS Test Result 2024

The NTS test is a challenging assessment that evaluates candidates’ knowledge, skills, and aptitude for the respective positions. It is designed to identify the best candidates for the job.

Once the test was conducted, NTS embarked on a thorough evaluation process to ensure fairness and transparency. Each candidate’s responses were meticulously assessed, and scores were assigned accordingly.

After weeks of anticipation, the results of the DPS School and College Kasur Jobs 2024 NTS Test are finally here. The school, in collaboration with NTS, has released the list of successful candidates who will proceed to the next stage of the selection process.

How to Check Your NTS Result 2024

Candidates can easily access their results online through the official DPS School and College Kasur website or the NTS portal. It’s a straightforward process that requires entering your roll number, and your result will be displayed instantly.

The Candidate List

The candidate list includes the names of individuals who have successfully passed the NTS test. These candidates have demonstrated their competence and potential to contribute to the DPS School and College Kasur community.

For those who find their names on the candidate list, the journey is far from over. The next steps may involve interviews, further evaluations, and a comprehensive selection process that will ultimately determine who secures the coveted positions.

How to check District Public School and College Kasur Jobs 2024 NTS Test Result 

Follow these steps to access your result, answer key.

  • Visit to official website of NTS www.nts.org.pk.
  • Log in your account.
  • Open Result or List of candidate page.
  • Enter your name or CNIC number without dashes.
  • Press enter or submit button.
  • Your result will be on screen.
  • Press ctrl+p to convert it into print form.

DPS School and College Kasur’s commitment to excellence in education is exemplified through its stringent selection process for job vacancies. The NTS test results and the candidate list mark a significant milestone in this journey. Congratulations to all the successful candidates, and for those aspiring to be a part of this prestigious institution, keep striving for excellence.


1. When will the interview phase for selected candidates take place?

The specific dates for interviews and further evaluations will be communicated to the selected candidates via email or official notifications from DPS School and College Kasur.

2. Can I request a re-evaluation of my NTS test paper if I believe there has been an error in scoring?

No, the NTS scoring process is highly transparent and reliable. Requests for re-evaluation are not entertained.

3. Are there any age restrictions for the job vacancies at DPS School and College Kasur?

Age requirements vary depending on the specific positions. Check the official job postings for detailed information on eligibility criteria.

4. How can I prepare for the NTS test for future job vacancies at DPS School and College Kasur?

It is recommended to study relevant academic material, practice sample questions, and stay updated with current affairs to excel in the NTS test.

5. Where can I find more information about DPS School and College Kasur and their future job openings?

Visit the official website of DPS School and College Kasur for the latest updates on job vacancies and other related information.

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