PTI Donation Online to Imran Khan PTI Website Namanzoor.Com. website has been created in the name of Imran Khan. Pakistan Tehreek Insaf and Imran Khan announced the launch via a video announcement. website is to receive donations from Pakistanis to help fight Imran Khan to stop the regime change that has been imposed by Imran Khan and to pressure the Govt to call for elections. We will tell you How to Donate to Imran Khan Namanzoor PTI Website? The money raised on the website will be used to pay the costs of this entire campaign by PTI. website’s name was chosen by it following what is the opinion of the People of Pakistan as the people have made “Imported Govt Namanzoor” trending on Twitter after the new Govt assumed power. Nearly 15 million tweets have been posted in this manner on Twitter within the last six days.


Web site for Imran Khan’s Fund Raising

Imran Khan calls on Overseas Pakistanis for donations to PTI to ensure that a successful campaign could begin against the imported Government. PTI Chairman has decided to go to the people of Pakistan and stated that the country is the sole power that can determine who governs in Pakistan and not any outside power.

How to Donate to Imran Khan Namanzoor PTI Website

Go to the PTI Site and follow the instructions step-by-step. We advise you that you can only donate to the PTI Website in pounds only.
  • Click Here to donate “Click here to donate”
  • Input the necessary information correctly
  • Select the country of your choice.
  • Choose your current city
  • Select the payment method you prefer.

Imported Government Namanzoor

The announcement of the Imported Website Government Na Manzoor is a former Pakistani Prime Minister. It’s as if you were Shahbaz Sharif now. This site aims to encourage participation from Pakistanis who reside in other countries other than Pakistan.

Namanzoor Com Pk Total Donation

The launch of the website was announced through an online video message by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Asif Ali Zardari. “Let’s end the plot and guide our nation towards the next election,” Zardari encouraged. Recent videos from Imran Khan indicate that an attempt by outsiders to overthrow the government was conceived. Khan declared that 200 20 million people have had their dignity damaged because of the imprisonment of a corrupt official from Pakistan.

PTI Donation Online to Imran Khan PTI Website Namanzoor.Com

PTI Donation Online to Imran Khan PTI Website Namanzoor.Com

Namanzoor com Portal

Worldwide Pakistanis will be asked to donate funds to Khan. They want the Pakistanis to be part of a political group accusing the United States of toppling its government in Pakistan. Information from Home Website crashes due to the large volume of traffic from overseas Pakistanis
In his tweet, the Twitter user-provided information on the website. It solicits donations from Pakistanis who are outside the country to depose Shehbaz Sharif’s administration and conduct new elections to succeed it.

Donations from outside Pakistanis

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Hit the “click here to donate” button “click here to donate” button.
Step 3: When you click on Proceed you’ll be taken to the next page where you’ll need to fill out an application.
Step 4: Fill out the application form and then hit submit.
Step 5: Then you will need to choose an option for payment.
Sixth step: Two payment options are offered.
Step 7: PayPal along with Card Pay.
Step 8: After the payment, you will receive an invoice.

How can I donate to Imran Khan Namanzoor’s Website?

  • Visit
  • Select the “Click here to donate” button
  • When you click the button, you’ll go to a new page where you will complete the form.
  • Complete the form and submit the form.
  • Then I selected to pay using PayPal.
  • Two payment options are that are available.
  • and Card Payments through PayPal and Card Payment
  • After you have paid, you’ll be issued a receipt.

PTI Donation Online

In a short message, Namanzoor with the help of those who would like to support PTI. This site has seen many visitors, and users must queue to donate.


If you are one of Imran Khan’s global fans and are looking to learn how you can donate economically, go to the official PTI platform We are aware that the latest information is out We will ensure that you are informed. Remember that the address of its website is Imran Khan Dan PTI can be obtained here.

Namanzoor com pk website

The support of Pakistan’s leaders who live abroad has dwindled to an unimaginable level. This website removed the people from Pakistan residents living in Pakistan. Pakistani citizens who live outside Pakistan stated that their donation for financing is true. This website has collected around 450 million rupees. Many believe that this is a historical decision of the president and that the massive amount of money raised is in line with the expectations. stop heavy International Traffic Pakistanis

In the tweet, Sharif disclosed the details on his website which is a source of money from Pakistanis living outside of the country to take over Shehbaz Sharif’s administration and conduct new elections to replace it.

Na Manzoor Com Online Web Portal

Pakistanis in other countries are being asked to give funds to Khan who is encouraging the people to help an opposition group that accuses the United States of toppling his government in Pakistan.

Imran Khan Donation PTI

Former prime minister Imran Khan has said the citizens of Pakistan are entitled to choose whether to favor those who support the PTI as well as those who support the “corrupt Sharif family”, who was sentenced to three years in prison for corruption.

Namanzoor Total Donation

The launch of the site was announced via a video message delivered by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Asif Ali Zardari on Friday. “Let’s put an end to the plot and lead our nation towards the next election,” Zardari said. Recent videos from Imran Khan show that there was a plot of outsiders to take over this ruling political party initiated. Imran Khan claimed that 220 million people were believed to be devalued due to the corrupt government officials in Pakistan.

PTI funding Website

In a video message sent to Pakistanis who reside in other countries, Imran Khan revealed the existence of the website. We must end the plot and take the country to the polling booths, he stated. The amount of money provided to the president of Pakistan from Pakistanis who reside abroad reached the highest levels.

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