Tips things to do before any exam for better marks we provide step by step Tips.There’s no need to feel completely frightened if you’ve procrastinated until the night before a test to study. Although you won’t be able to commit much to long-term memory in a one-night cram session, you can learn enough to pass the test using these techniques.Exams are inevitable for students, but they don’t have to be painful. These tips can help you get ready for and get through your exams. They can also help you prepare for tests and class presentations, and tackle in-class assignments.
Simple Tips for Exam Success

  • Making Time and Places for Studying:
    If you still live at home with your parents, be sure there is a quiet room (your bedroom, a den or playroom) that you can use to be alone and complete your studying. Libraries, quiet coffee shops, and parks are nice locations outside of home that college students and adults (as well as older high school students) could use for studying.

Tips things to do before any exam for better marks

  • Don’t Just Study Solo:
    Why not form a study group with friends? It’ll provide you with variety and moral support, plus it’s motivating to have people around you who are working towards the same goals.
    Sort Out Your Subject Material:
  • Before starting to review a subject it helps to:
  • check you have all of the handouts
  • put your notes in order
  • read over any course outline or subject guide
  • write your own summaries of each textbook chapter or section of the subject guide.
    Getting all your gear together makes it easier to find what you need while you’re studying.
  • Review Past Exam papers:
    Get your hands on any old exam papers from the subject and familiarise yourself with the structure and format. Places you can get past exam papers from include:
  • your teacher or lecturer
  • your school or university library
  • When reviewing, practise answering the questions within the specified time limits.
  • Focus on diagrams!
    Visuals help in getting a better understanding as well as in memorising. And if you draw diagrams in exam you will get better score. My professor told me that while checking and grading answers, they hardly take more than 10 minutes for each student. So if you draw diagram instead of writing big para, examiner will understand that you know your concepts well and you will get better marks. So last night or not, always make a point to understand and draw diagrams.
  • Deal With your Stress:
    Exam stress is perfectly normal – in fact, a little bit of stress can be a positive motivator.
    However, too much of it can negatively affect your performance.
    So take regular breaks, exercise daily, and spend time relaxing with friends. If you begin to feel frustrated or overwhelmed, step away from the books for a while.
  • Rest your hands:
    AP tests are not yet computer-delivered, and this means that you will be doing quite a bit of writing by hand. It may seem strange to think about, but tired hands are one factor that can affect your performance. However, there are ways to minimize the likelihood of aching fingers. On the day of your exam, bring a stress ball or other stress relief toy that will help your hands relax from their pencil-clutch posture. You can even bring a small tube of moisturizer or Tiger Balm to rub into your fingers. (Note that these items may only be used during breaks between tests – not in the exam room.)
  • Final Preparations:
    Nothing will make you do worse on a test than pulling an all-nighter. You may be tempted to stay up all night and cram in as much as is possible, but by all means, get some sleep the night before. When it comes to testing time, you won’t be able to recall all the info you learned because your brain will be functioning in survival mode.
    On the morning of the test, make sure to eat a healthy breakfast for plenty of energy. Throughout the morning, run through your review sheet: while you’re eating, while you’re at your locker, or while on the way to class. When it comes time to put the review sheet away and sit down for the test, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve done everything possible to help your brain get through the test with flying colors!

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