PMC MDCAT Roll No Slip 2024 Download Online PDF

PMC Roll No Slip 2024 Download Online at this page. The official has revealed information about PMC Roll Number Slip 2024 MDCAT Entrance Test Seating Details. Those who have registered for the test can now obtain their roll numbers slip. On the 13th or 20th the month of November in 2024. it is expected that the PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission) will administer an entrance test for all applicants. Only applicants who have an entry slip with a roll number will be able to sit for the examination. PMC released the roll no slips for the MDCAT National. You can download the MDCAT Roll No slip issued by PMC. After downloading the admit slip or the roll no slip, you need to print copies from these papers. The URL for obtaining the roll slip is given below. Registered applicants can use this site to get their roll no slip. Scroll down to see the PMC Roll No Slip for 2024 MDCAT Seating Schedule Information.

Candidates can download the roll no slips to take the entrance test, to be held on November 29, 2024.In addition, the MDCAT Entry exam’s seating arrangement is detailed in the following paragraphs so applicants can look it up. Pakistan Medical Commission PMC MDCAT Admit Card/Roll Number Slip 2024 Syllabus Paper samples and previous papers are available online on this page. The MDCAT exam is scheduled to be conducted soon. Candidates who are interested in taking the MBBS/BDS program in accredited medical and dental schools in private and public sectors are waiting for the roll slip.

PMC MDCAT Test Date: 13th–20th November 2024


National MDCAT Roll Number Slip 2024

NTS department is scheduled to release PMC roll numbers for MDCAT written test in 2024. Pakistan Medical Commission department has granted authority the Nums University to organize PMC Mdcat written test for all programs. in the near future. NTS department has released PMC Mdcat roll no slips 2024 for the written test of MBBS in addition to BDS programs. Follow the necessary instructions and other information about this announcement. Print your PMC Admit card in order to sit in the exam.

PMC MDCAT Roll No Slips Entry Test 2024

Before, PMC issued roll no slips to students, and also administered an MDCAT admission test. However, in this particular year PMC will not issue roll-no slips, and will conduct the MDCAT entrance test. The URL to download the roll no slip is listed below. Registered applicants are able to use this link to download their roll no slip. We will inform the public whenever we get any new information regarding the roll no slips. Scroll down to see your PMC Roll No Slip for 2024 MDCAT Seating Schedule Information.

Pakistan Medical Commission PMC Roll Number Slip 2024 MDCAT

After download the PDF file, you need to print your admittance cards or the roll numbers slip. A candidate must possess an admission card that is current to be able to sit for the MDCAT examination. To download a copy MDCAT’s 2024 Roll No Slip issued by this year’s exam by the Pakistan Medical Commission, visit this page. Candidates can now download their roll slips to take the admission test following the PAKISTAN Medical Commission made the MDCAT roll-no slip announcement.

PMC Roll No Slip 2024

Below is below the PMC MDCAT rolls for 2024. Candidates who intend to participate in PMC MDCAT by 2024 are advised to join via PMC. Pakistan Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test MDCAT Deadline for registration is 25th July 2024. The entry test is MDCAT scheduled for July 2024. Find PMC MDCAT scores in 2024 and the merits list listed below. You can find your roll number slip by using your registration numbers or CNIC number.

MDCAT Roll number 2024

Pakistan Medical Commission (PMS) has posted rolls number slips of MDCAT students. Students who have downloaded their roll number slips are able to download the syllabus for the entrance exam. If you aren’t able to download the roll number slip, go to the official website by clicking on the hyperlink.

MDCAT PMC Roll No Slip 2024

Here is where you can download Maryland MDCAT slips of PMC in the National Office. Also, you can download the an PMC national MDCAT Roll slip-free print. PMC Roll Number Slip MDCAT Entry Test Seating Plan Information are available in this article. PMC MDCAT exam centers available for both boys and girls in accordance with the Roll No slips. PMC MDCAT Admit Card 2024. PMC MDCAT Roll Number Slip.

PMC MDCAT Roll Number Slip 2024

The deadline for late registration of MDCAT will be on the 25th of July, 2024. Because of the huge amount of students who are registering now. PMC roll slips download right here. Get your MDCAT roll No slips issued by PMC. You can also download PMC National MDCAT Slips here. If you want to print the PMC National MDCAT Roll no slip, just press CTRL+P. Pakistan Medical Commission is the responsibility of conducting PMC MDCAT examinations to be able to enter every private and public dental and medical schools in Pakistan. If they are qualified, candidates can access the PMC MDCAT slip number 2024. Register here to sign up with PMC for an admissions test.

MDCAT Roll No Slip 2024 Check Online

Check out these Pakistan Medical Commission bill PMC was passed just in the past few months through the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Government. The task of this department oversee and manage the entrance test for MDCAT MBBS BDS programs, as well as the other medical facilities’ entrance tests as well as their administrative responsibility. In this regard the NUMS instructions have been chosen for this purpose by the Department to conduct PMC MDCAT registration and exam 2024 to all the private and Local Governments as well as other Medical college facilities. PMC MDCAT roll slips and roll no slips download and look them up online.

TEPS PMC Roll number Slip

PAKISTAN MEDICAL COUNCIL has announced the MDCAT roll no slip. Candidates are able to now download their roll number slip to take the entry exam, which is scheduled to be held on the 29th of November 2024. In the meantime, the MDCAT Entry exam seating pattern is explained in more detail below, and candidates can examine it. They can now download the PMC MDCAT card on the internet. Note that the Admit Card/Roll Number. Slip will be issued for all qualified candidates. MDCAT Portal login is required to download the roll number slip. A direct hyperlink is provided below. A list of rejected/eligible candidates and a list of candidates will be shown on this page.

PMC Roll No Slip 2024 Download pdf

PMC MDCAT Roll No slip 2024 can Download pdf on this page. Within the next period, PMC Roll Number slips for MDCAT 2024 will be available via student’s website. This year’s MDCAT Examination will be held from September 4th to the 30th of September, 2024 according to PMC’s PMC examination schedule. It is possible to download the MDCAT Roll No Slip issued by PMC is available for download on this site. When you download the slip with the number roll, or admit card, it will be in pdf format.

PMC Roll No Slip 2024 Download Online

National MDCAT Entry Test Date 2024 Online Check Online
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MDCAT Date Sheet 2024 Check Online

PMC The Roll Number Slip is 2024. obtain the MDCAT Medical/Dental Admit Card on this page. It’s extremely simple. Once you’ve entered the information that are identical to the CNIC/B forms Click on the search icon. Within a couple of minutes then, you will see the PMC MDCAT roll numbers slips will be displayed in the display.

PMC Roll No Slip 2024 Download by Name

PMC MDCAT roll numbers will be distributed via SMS to all candidates who have completed their registration and uploaded their payment fee documents. applicants are also able to get their Roll number slip.You can download the MDCAT roll number slip by entering or your registered number, or CNIC number. The roll number slips will be sent out to all students registered online through PMC. Your address on the postal side is not going to receive an official rolling number slip by PMC. To receive the most up-to-date information on PMC MDCAT 2024 keep this website in your bookmarks. Roll Number Slip

Anyone who has applied for the test will now get the roll numbers slips, thanks to the announcement of details on PMC Roll Number Slips 2024 for MDCAT Seating Information. It is expected that the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) will be conducting an entry exam for applicants on the 29th of November 2024. Only those who are issued a roll-no slip are allowed to sit for the test.

MDCAT Test Schedule Dates

Candidates are advised that PMC has declared MDCAT test schedule for Thursday, August 4, 2024 at 6pm via PMC MDCAT’s Exam website for PMC MDCAT. Candidates can view their exam schedule online. The students can verify the schedule with no doubt. Online Registration

Check out the latest news. Pakistan Medical Commission has initiated online registration of entry exams for MDCAT registration for 2024 PMC. Candidates who want to apply for admission are able to apply online and check here for NTS PMC roll no slip 2024 for BDS and MDCAT.

PMC MDCAT Paper Pattern

It will be one-page paper that contains 200 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) divided into four (04) sections:

  • Biology: 80 MCQs
  • Chemistry: 60 MCQs
  • Physics 40: MCQs
  • English 20: MCQs
  • Marks total 200 marks (No Negative Marking
  • Time Allowed 150 minutes (2 and 1/2 hours)
  • Passing marks Score: 60 60%

PMC Student Login

There will be a link to the PMC National MDCAT roll number slip on the student portal and here. To view your roll number slip, first enter your CNIC number and then your password. It is important to note that while it is still being processed this link will not yet function.

MDCAT Roll No Slip 2024 Test date

The URL to download the roll numbers of registered candidates’ slips can be found here. We will inform you when we have any new information about the slips. It is said that the PMDC Roll Number Slip 2024 MDCAT Entrance Test Seating Schedule The details are below. MDCAT 2024 roll numbers will be released between the 18th of August through August 25 2024. The 4th of August exam candidates are able to access their PMC examination portal in order to check their actual roll number slips.

MDCAT Test Date 2024

The President of the Pakistan Medical Commission Professor Noushad A Shaikh organize an meeting with all vice chancellors from public universities of ICT and KPK to discuss preparation for the MDCAT Exam 2024. It was decided to hold the MDCAT exam in 2024 on the 13th or 20th the month of November in 2024.

Important Instructions

  • Candidates must be at their respective centres by the 31st of August 2024 before 08:30 am.
  • Centers will be sealedor closed at 09:30am.
  • PMC Admit Card/ Roll No. Slip will be issued to all qualified candidates.
  • Candidates must download the document from their MDCAT Portal login.

Smartwatches, mobile phones, and other electronic devices are not permitted inside the examination room, otherwise strict disciplinary measures will be taken that could result in the cancellation of the exam and debarring the candidate from taking part in the next MDCAT Exam.

Required Documents for the Exam

  • The mandatory documents are provided below. Students must be sure to bring these documents into the exam hall.
  • Print form of Admit Card along with Genuine CNIC/ Juvenile/NICOP/ POC/Card/B-Form/Genuine Passport.
  • Just the initial identity could be sufficient.
  • In the event of loss of the CNIC/B-Forms, please present the original NADRA Token Slip to prove that you have applied for the new CNIC.
  • the ID that is assigned to you, i.e. the Matriculation/Intermediate official ID is also required.
  • A neat paperclip board
  • 2 ballpoints with blue colors (no markers, pointers or gel pens) and pencil)


PMC MDCAT Sample paper 2024 with MCQs for all subjects , with answers. A sample question paper for MDCAT. Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English. Answer keys to MDCAT tests from TEPS of all the papers available in pdf. PMC examples of Questions for students from all fields. PMC Sample paper for Biology 2024 and answers. Answers to 2024 MDCAT Chemistry questions. Questions and answers regarding Physics are available taken from Pakistan Medical Council MDCAT.

Revised PMC National MDCAT Syllabus 2024 PDF

NLE Roll Number Slip 2024

According to the latest statistics, close to one lac and Ten Thousand applicants who have registered and applied for this purpose are now awaiting their test will be scheduled in the near future. The MDCAT results for 2024 will be published here in September 2024. It is also possible to download MDCAT old papers in PDF format for free. The entire Pakistan Medical and Dental Council UHS MDCAT results 2024 are available on the internet.

MDCAT Admit Card 2024

PMC released the roll slips that are not part of the MDCAT National. You can download the MDCAT roll no slip from PMC. After downloading the admit slip or the roll slip you must printed copies from these papers. This admit card will be essential to pass taking the MDCAT test.It is easy. Input the details from the above mentioned form, exactly like the CNIC/B application form. and click search. Within a couple of minutes, you will be able to be able to see your roll-number slip for PMC MDCAT displayed on screen. Then, if you wish to download the PDF. Click on download. If you’d like to download the print, press Ctrl + P.

Revised PMC National MDCAT Syllabus 2024 PDF

Pakistan Medical Commission PMC MDCAT Admit Card/Roll Number Slip 2024 Syllabus Past papers and sample papers are available online at this page. MDCAT exam is scheduled to be conducted soon by the National Testing Service NTS. Candidates who want to apply for admission to MBBS/BDS programs at accredited medical and dental schools in the Private and Public sectors, and are waiting for the roll slip.

MDCAT Entry Test Preparation Online

English Computer Pak Study
General Knowledge Current Affair Islamiat
Analytical Reasoning

PMC MDCAT New Notfication About Roll no Slip

PMC Roll No Slip 2024 Download Online

How to Download NTS MDCAT Roll Number Slip

MDCAT roll without a slide 2024 would be distributed from 18th August until the 25th August of 2024. Candidates are able to review the idea of MDCAT admit card for the test 2024 which may also be used to apply to MDCAT roll slip no 2024. Here are the steps to get admit card however it is not yet confirmed at the moment. Following the announcement of Roll No. slips, students can verify the latest process of admit card here.

  • Go to
  •  Click on MDCAT Scheduler
  • The next page will appear. Fill in your email and the roll number that was provided by PMC at the email address where you are logged in with your password. Click on Log In.
  • A new page will appear. Click on Manage Schedule.
  • Once you click on Schedule, the following page will be displayed.
  • Click on Print Test Admission Slip
  • Click Print after the following page appears.

Important Guidelines for PMC MDCAT Roll No Slips and Written Test

Candidates who have been accepted for MDCAT admission to PMC are invited to visit here and download the PMC Mdcat roll slips 2024 for the written test. medical courses.

  • The entire of the 1 lac or 10000 applicants should be at the center by 1 hour before they begin their MDCAT tests at the centers that are recommended upon their PMC roll. There are no slips or rolls.
  • Candidates must all be required adhere to guidelines set out in the Covid Rules, procedures and guidelines already made available with Pakistan’s Government of Pakistan.
  • The requirement to wear a Facemask (FM) will be obligatory for all applicants and examiners with no face masks candidates will be allowed to enter the examination centres.
  • Electronic devices such as laptops, mobiles, or calculators are not allowed into the centers for written tests.
  • All applicants are asked to bring blue ballpoints in blue, pen scale, paper board along with all the stationery that you require for positive effects.
  • If any candidate is found using electronic devices, they are penalized and will have to cancel their MDCAT papers immediately.
  • To adhere to all of the previously mentioned PMC instructions for new candidates who are within the bounds of the PMC NTS MDCAT exam.

PMC Roll No Slip 2024 Available

Download Pakistan Medical CommissionEntry Test Roll Number Slip. MDCAT Entry Test Roll No Slip. It’s easy to get your copy of the PMC MDCAT roll No. 2024 slip from this webpage. After you download the PDF of the Roll No. Admission slip, or the admit card you will be able to get the printouts of these official documents.

PMC Contact Number

  • Email: 16******6a7@1***
  • Phone: 051-8855000
  • PMC Official Website:
  • Address: Mauve Area, G-10/4, Islamabad, Pakistan

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