It is easy to check your Pak Identity Card Registration online in 2024. The Pak Identity Card Registration 2024 Online is a user-friendly and efficient platform that allows individuals to register for their national identity card with ease. Through this online system, citizens can effortlessly submit their personal details, upload required documents, and finalize the registration process from the convenience of their homes. This digital approach enhances accuracy and minimizes the inconvenience associated with conventional registration methods. By leveraging technology, the government seeks to offer citizens a smooth and secure registration experience.

Nadra is constantly upgrading its system and the “Pak Identity App”, which provides many online services, has been launched. The app allows you to apply online for a new CNIC. Citizens can check if a CNIC has been registered with the National Database & Registration Authority. We’ll show you how to verify your ID card online.

Why is NADRA ID Card verification necessary?

There are many fraudulent activities taking place these days. People often pretend to be someone else and impersonate others by using incorrect ID information and pictures. It’s a good idea to verify the ID card of another person to ensure it is authentic. It’s a good idea to verify the information of someone before renting a property or purchasing or selling a vehicle.

Pak Identity login

After receiving your pin code, you can access the log-in page. The agency will not accept people who arrive at NADRA without making an appointment. Please take the time to read and accept the following terms.

Pak Identity website

This service was possible because of technological advancements in mobile phones (HD Cameras). Ufone can be reached by dialing *336# using the USSD code. At that point, a menu will appear. The status of verification for the sender’s phone number will be notified to him. This application has been given the title “Pak ID App” by Nadra officials.

CNIC check online

It’s a quick, efficient, practical, and time-saving way to check the validity of ID cards without having to go to the NADRA office or wait in long lines.

NADRA Id Card Check Online

They can start the first steps of the service once PM Imran Khan has approved them. Telenor: Customers can send any type of text message to 7751 (including empty ones). The system will inform the customer whether the number used has been verified by BVS.

Check Online

PAK ID Card Apply Online 2024

If you have any questions regarding the online application for NADRANICOP & POC, please do not contact the consulate. The National Database and Registration Authority have created an online service that allows you to get the Computerized National Identity Card, (CNIC), delivered right to your door.

Pak Identity Tracking

If you have questions about the online NADRA NICOP application or POC process, do not contact the embassy. NADRA offers an online service to get your Computerized National Identity Card, (CNIC), delivered to you.

Nadra online apply Visit the website
Nadra online CNIC renewal Visit the website
Nadra id card check online Go online to check for updates.
Nadra online portal Go online to check for updates.
Pak identity Go online to check for updates.
Nadra id card fee Visit the website
Nadra CNIC renewal Go online to check for updates.
id card number information Visit the website

Pak Identity Card Registration 2024 Check Online

Pak Identity Card Registration 2024 Check Online

Pak Identity nadra

To process online, smart cards cost 750 rs while conventional cards cost 560 rs. You can make an informed decision regarding your Identification Document by reading the following section. Apply for a card.

NADRA Online Apply 2024

Click here for more information. Continue by clicking the “Accept and Continue” button. This will take you to the page where you want to use the services. Two types of identity cards are offered by the National Database and Registration Authority.

NADRA Online Portal 2024

Locate your CNIC/NICOP identification card. Fill out the application. Follow the steps and click the next button. Cardholders enjoy many benefits and advantages.


NADRA has provided the following Customer Care services with ID/NICOP to assist overseas Pakistanis with grievances:

  • Launch of 24/7 online/web chat service to guide/facilitate online applicants can connect messenger at the URL (
  • Launch of Twitter Account (Twitter handle @NadraPak).
  • Complaint Management System (CMS) – an online facility for lodging complaints at the URL (
  • If you require further information or have any complaints, NADRA representatives can be approached at Skype ([email protected]) every Thursday from 1500-1600hours PST at e-Kachari
  • Applicants are welcome to submit their feedback/experience regarding NADRA online services at the URL (

Three Easy Steps to Get a Pak Identity Nadra ID Card Online

Nadra Pakistan launching an online application system, Get your CNIC / NICOP Processed Online in 3 Simple Steps. Register now to gain access to the PAK Identity online application. You will be able to view and apply for new applications as well as review applications that you have already submitted.

  1. Register at
  2. Submit your ID Card Fee
  3. Online Application
  4. Application Approval/Rejection/Deferral
  5. Card printing
  6. Card Dispatch

It is currently operational Nadra staff is working on it. I believe it will be online by the beginning of August 2015. This is the best service for Pakistani overseas. Good Luck Pakistani and Pakistani Overseas Pakistani. The Nadra online system works fine, and many Pakistanis are applying for an ID card through the online Nadra service.

Nadra Online Portal

Warid: Customers can send an email (CNIC), to 0789 using their primary verified number. In return, the customer will be provided with information about his/her CNIC status and verification statistics. This refers to Pakistan identification card applications.

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