NTS Test Roll Number Slip Scholarship 2023 Sundar Stem School

Sundar Stem School has announced the NTS Test Roll Number Slip Scholarship 2023 for the students . The school received scholarship applications from the wanted applicants. The application is now open. Sundar Stem School authorized National Testing Service to conduct the Sundar Stem School Scholarship Test 2023. The NTS has released the NTS Sundar Stem Scholarship Exam 2023 Roll No Slips. So NTS Test Roll Number Slip Scholarship 2023 Download.

NTS Test Roll Number Slip Scholarship 2023

The applicants will take the scholarship test scheduled to be held at the specified dates and times. The applicants can download their roll number slips and bring them to the test halls. Sundar Stem’s Scholarship Test 2023 is now open for applications. The deadline for fee submission in order to be considered to take the scholarship test is Wednesday 18th January 2023.

The test offers a chance for students who are enthusiastic about technology and science to earn admission to Sundar Stem School, one of the most prestigious schools within Pakistan to study STEM subjects. It is designed to identify prospective scholars who exhibit academic excellence and enthusiasm for studying STEM subjects.

NTS Test Roll Number Slip Scholarship 2023 Sundar Stem School

NTS Test Roll Number Slip Scholarship 2023 Sundar Stem School

NTS Test Roll Number Slip Scholarship 2023 Sundar Stem School download here. Students who have applied to the Sundar STEM Scholarship 2023 receive roll number slips to take the test written. This means that all applicants can download the Sundar STEM Scholarship 2023 written test roll number slip from this page.

If you don’t receive you Jobs Roll Number Slip by January 16th, 2023. Print out your details on this page . Contact NTS Help Desk along with Original CNIC when you report time. You will be issued a pro forma Roll Number. Slip when you visit the test center.

SS Scholarship 2023 NTS Test Roll Number Slip

NTS Test Roll Number Slip Scholarship 2023 Sundar Stem School written exam roll without slip for those who applied for the award. All students can download the Sundar STEM Scholarship 2023 roll without slip here by giving CNIC or their name. Anyone who is eligible can download their roll no slip and take part in the Scholarship exam.

Sundar STEM was asked to submit applications for skilled and dedicated professionals to fill out the information below. Sundar STEM Scholarship Test 2023 Roll No Slip download Online Here. NTS Test Roll Number Slip Scholarship 2023 Sundar STEM to the administration, which is authorized to accept the application form and review it, as well as administer appropriate student-written tests and announce the results.

Sundar STEM Scholarship 2023 NTS Test Roll Number Slip

On this page, we’ll provide Sundar STEM scholarship 2023 roll number slip as well as Sundar STEM Scholarship 2023 NTS Results on this page. The link is below. If you have any issues download or downloading the Sundar STEM Scholarship 2023 written test roll number slip , then please share it with us using the comment box below.

  • NTS Test Day General Information
  • Students can also collect rolls number slips at the home address of the receptionist. Students can also collect the roll slips via the portal online.
  • Candidates need to adhere to the steps listed below to obtain the roll number slips:
  • Students visit on the website www.nts.org.pk and type in their CNIC number. The test center can only be altered if they have original roll no slips as well as the original CNIC card number.

Get the NTS Test Roll Number Slip Scholarship 2023 for the Sundar STEM, If you are a candidate and have received your roll number slips prior to the deadline of one week, they will be able to take the examination, you will receive your roll number slips before the one week mark. Candidates can print a copy of their personal information on this page as well as the original CNIC and then contact the NTS help desk during the time of your report.

When you enter the CNIC number, students can examine rolls number slips, including all information, as well as access the testing center on line.

Students can also obtain the the slips of roll numbers. Students are able to select the print option and then press the (ctrl+p) and receive an image of Divisional Public School & College NTS Test Roll No Slip.

NTS Scholarship 2023 Test Criteria and Methodology

The next Pre-9 class will get admitted into The Summer School Program in March 2023. The admissions Part-1 test to select the students in this program will be conducted on the 29th of January 2023.

  • Students currently taking classes in Class 8 and have at minimum 85% in Math in the Class 7 final exam are eligible to apply.
  • There are scholarships available to any deserving student.
  • The deadline for application for submission is December 31, 2023.
  • Once the Application Form the candidate’s Roll Number Slip is generated using the father’s CNIC number.
  • This roll number slip will be made available in a printable form on the website from January 20th 2023.
  • The birth date of the candidate who is eligible should not be earlier than the 1st January, 2008.
  • The syllabus of Admissions Test. The syllabus for the Admissions Test is available at the bottom of this page.
  • The school doesn’t offer Biology.

Sundar Stem School NTS Test Roll Number Slip Scholarship 2023

If the photo of the candidate is not included on the form of application, candidates must place his or her most recent picture onto the NTS roll number slip and then bring the slip to the center for testing. If not, the students will not be allowed to access the test center.

It is important to let you know to inform you that NTS Call Center is now worldwide operational. Contact me via the contact number listed below with any questions and queries. This number is working. Contact us by dialing this number. All other numbers to inquire about information are now inactive immediately across Pakistan.

Timings: 0830 AM to 04:30 pm (Monday through Friday)

Syllabus and Suggested Resources for Preparation of Admissions Test

1) Mathematics
  1. Lecture Notes on Mathematical Olympiad Courses for Junior Section Vol 1: Chapters: 1-four and Sept. 11.
  2. First Steps for Math Olympians: Chapters: 1, 3, five, 7, 8.
  3. First Steps for Problem Solvers: A Guide to Junior Mathematical Olympiads: Sections four-14.

Link to above referred to books and past admissions assessments performed by means of Sundar STEM:   (CLICK HERE)

2) Logic
  1. Logic Warmups
  2. Logical Reasoning
  3. Propositional Logic
  4. Solving Propositional Logic Word Problem
  5. Truth-Tellers and Liars
  6. Grid Puzzles

Further Resources from International Mathematics Competitions

  1. Purple Comet! Math Meet (Only Middle School Section)
  2. Pascal’s competition
  3. American Mathematics Contest eight
  4. AMC 8 Problems and Solutions (AoPS)


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