The National Testing Service Portal Login is a secure and user-friendly platform designed for easy account access. It employs robust encryption and authentication to safeguard user data. Upon logging in, users can view test results, register for upcoming tests, and update personal information. Additionally, the portal offers important announcements and notifications to keep users informed about any changes or updates. NTS online registration is an online registration system that allows candidates to apply to take NTS tests. Candidates need to sign up only the first time and after successful registration confirmation, an SMS will be sent to the candidate to confirm their registration. Candidates can apply for any test by using the NTS Online Registration system. NTS online registration system, notifications and alerts about NTS Portal and jobs will also be made available through the Candidate Profile so that they can keep applicants updated.

Candidates will have access 24/7 to:

  • Complete Personal and Academic Profile.
  • New Alerts for Upcoming Jobs.
  • Tests and results history.
  • Applications for jobs are invited.

NTS Login 2024 Registration

The National Testing Service NTS invites online registration forms for its ongoing projects at the request of the provincial government. In this regard, NTS will announce an advertisement and launch the NTS login for applicants. Candidates need to sign-up online using their CNIC number and a valid mobile number.

NTS Login jobs 2024

All projects that are announced through NTS offer a limited number of days to register online. Candidates must apply for the entrance test admission test and scholarship test before the deadline. If NTS publishes the advertisement, it must specify the deadline for submitting the application form in the advertisement. If you meet the requirements must submit your application by the due date. Forms submitted after due dates will not be accepted.

NTS Portal

National Testing Service – Pakistan (NTS) was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (not-for-profit and Limited by Guarantee) in April 2003, under section 42 of the Companies Act, 2017 by the CUI. The administration Ministry of the CUI is the Ministry of Science and Technology therefore NTS is now operating as a Public Sector Company (PSC). Login 2024

We’ve provided the details regarding National Testing Service. What is NTS? NTS tests are a company that conducts competitive tests to meet the requirement of vacant positions. NTS conducts competitive tests for Internships, Scholarships jobs Test and Entrance Tests for Admission, and in particular GAT and NAT tests. If you’re planning to apply for the above-mentioned test, you’ll need to complete the registration process through National Testing Service Login 2024.

National Testing Service Login Portal

Let’s start by learning more regarding NTS Login details! After you’ve registered at National Testing Service Login Online Portal. You can access the following information on NTS Login 2024 Portal i.e. Registration, NTS roll no slip, NTS result, newly released jobs, registration procedures, etc.

National Testing Service Login 2024 Registration Process

On April 30th, 2003, the CUI officially registered it’s National Testing Service – Pakistan (NTS) with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (not-for-profit and limited by guarantee) under Section 42 of the Companies Act 2017. Today, we have resolved this issue, here we’ll tell you the steps to apply for NTS online, and much more.

NTS Portal 2024 National Testing Service Create Account

NTS Portal 2024 National Testing Service Create Account

NTS Online Registration Process

If you’re searching to find NTS online registration process, now you are on the right page, where all the details on this subject are readily available. Candidates have to themselves registered online for the various N.T, S tests such as GAT Subject and GAT General, and GAT General and. It is possible to register only according to the schedule for the various tests. We will provide an easy-to-follow guideline for the NTS online registration procedures.

Govt Jobs At National Testing Service 2024

NTS Jobs for 2024 according to the advertisement. This means that the National Testing Service has announced positions in various departments and sections across the entire nation (Pakistan).In this way, National Testing Service Careers is only for those who can meet the requirements for these positions. Candidates of both genders throughout the entire nation can apply for the most recent NTS Careers. The process is straightforward and you will be able to look it up in job announcements published by the NTS organization. Additionally, you can finish your job by completing the process of recruitment for Pakistan in 2024.

National Testing Service Create Account

  • If you’re a new user, sign up or register to use the NTS Online Registration Portal. ( )(One time). How do I sign up (image)
  • Upload your profile photo. (see requirements for your profile picture) What to upload (image-1) How to upload (image-2)
  • Complete your details. How to fill in personal information (image)
  • Make sure to include a valid and precise “postal address”, “postal city” and “postal city district” in their details.
  • Complete your academic details. How do you add your academic information (image)
  • Information on secondary and primary academics is not required.
  • In the academic record, section Write down your main subjects as well as the percentage of your marks only in two numbers.
  • Complete your employment details (if you have any). How do you include the information about your employment (image)
  • Apply for the desired Test on the list of projects that are announced in the NTS online Registration Portal. Application procedure (image)
  • Select your desired Post. How do you select the post (image)
  • Choose the test city you want to take. (Primary test city and second testing city) How to choose the test city (image)
  • Input any other necessary information for the post (if you have one).
  • Accept and read the conditions and terms by clicking the box located at the end of the web page. Conditions and terms (image)
  • Click Apply to apply for the desired post. Apply for the desired position (image)

NTS Online Apply

NTS develops and delivers Assessments/Tests to different Institutions and organizations. The tests offered include:

  1. Admissions
  2. Scholarships
  3. Recruitment
  4. Promotions
  5. Assessment

NTS Services

Primarily NTS provides two types of assessments and tests:

  1. National Tests
  2. International Tests

NTS Jobs Apply Online 2024

National Testing Service NTS announced online registration forms for admission tests as well as scholarship tests as well as recruitment tests, Promotions Test and Assessment tests. In all cases, NTS solicits online applications in certain instances. NTS forms are downloaded and sent to headquarters with the required documents. The forms online and the bank challans are accessible through the NTS official website.

NTS Contact Info

  • Address: Plot # 96, Street # 4, H-8/1, Islamabad
  • Ph. +92-51-844-444-1
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for an NTS account?

If you’re a brand new user, sign-up or sign-up to use the NTS Online Registration Portal. ( (One time only). Once you are registered, log in to ( and fill in your personal information, academic information, and employment information (if any). Results cards will be delivered via courier service.

Is the NTS test difficult?

The GAT is a tough test and it is not the easiest one. If you’ve not attended a university in several years, then it is harder. In all, students discover the GAT Analytical section the most difficult on the GAT in comparison to the quantitative and verbal sections.

Can we submit the NTS fee online?

The test Fee is to be paid in the form of Online Deposit Slips at any UBL, ABL, MCB, or HBL branch. NTS(TM) Original Copy (Original) must be included in the Application Formula. Make sure to indicate the location in which you’d like to take the test, out of the choices offered to you.

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