NTS Graduate Assessment Test GAT Result 2024 Check Online By CNIC. On this page, you can use your CNIC to check the NTS Graduate Assessment Test GAT result for 2024. All of the people who took the Graduate Assessment Test GAT General 2024-I NTS Test can check their results online here. Check the result of the Graduate Assessment Test GAT General 2024-I NTS test online here. The NTS test was held on the dates that were announced. NTS gave those who wanted to take the Graduate Assessment Test GAT General 2024-I a written test to see if they were a good fit. This GAT test is given through NTS on the dates that have been announced. Candidates who took the test can’t wait to find out how they did.

On this site, those who want to check their NTS test results can do so online and get the answer keys. Check out the list below to see how you did.  Graduate Assessment Test GAT General 2024-I NTS Test Result is going to be posted on this site for the candidates who are waiting for the result. All of the people who took the test should go to this site to find out how they did. Here is an online Graduate Assessment Test GAT General 2024-I NTS Test Result and how to check the procedure. The applicant can check their results both by name and by CNIC number.

GAT Subject Result 2024 NTS Result by CNIC

GAT Subject Result 2024 Check your NTS result by CNIC online at www.nts.org.pk. On this page, you can look up the NTS Graduate Assessment Test GAT Subject result for 2024. Candidates who took the GAT Subject Result 2024 NTS are now waiting for the result and GAT answer keys. Graduate Assessment Test (GAT 2024-I) GAT SUBJECT was held on Sunday, November 20, 2024. Check right away by putting the CNIC number in the “Result” section below. Candidates can also check their GAT I, II, III, and IV scores online at www.nts.org.pk, the National Testing Service’s official website.

www.nts.org.pk gat result 2024

The results of the NTS Graduate Assessment Test can be used for two years to get into MPhil and Ph.D. programmes at both public and private universities in Pakistan. If you want to get a HEC scholarship, you also have to take the NTS GAT. Soon, we’ll put the preliminary results online on this page. Keep an eye on this page to find the NTS GAT result 2024 online as soon as it is made public.

NTS GAT General Test Result 2024 Online

You may check your Graduate Assessment Test NTS GAT General Test Result 2024 online by entering your National Identity Card CNIC number in the box below. The only responsible authority for higher education in Pakistan is the Higher Education Commission HEC, and now HEC has made it compulsory for every student who wants to take Admission to the MPhil programmes and HEC Scholarship Schemes to appear in the GAT General test and get good marks.

No Pakistani university will admit you to an MPhil programme unless you get at least 50% in the GAT Generic test. In July 2002, HEC gave NTS the task of conducting and monitoring the GAT General Test across Pakistan. To take the test, you must register with NTS. After 16 years of schooling from a HEC-recognized university, you can take the GAT General test, which is valid for 2 years.

NTS GAT General Result 2024 by Roll No

We are glad to tell Graduate Assessment Test GATTM General Test candidates that they may find all the details here. This page will shortly ship GAT result cards. NTS conducts both GAT kinds. GAT Subject Test follows GAT General Test. Check our page for updates. Candidates seeking the GAT General Entry Test result and answer key announcement date online. The National Testing Service will announce the outcome soon. Thus, all students must await their NTS GAT 2024 results here. If you want 2024 NTS GAT Subject Test Results right away, check this page.

GAT Result 2024

Click here for Graduate Assessment Test NTS GAT General I Result 2024. Students can log into CNIC to view NTS GAT General Exam Result 2024 online. Test takers must have 16 years of college.

nts result by cnic 2024

General Exam candidates received 2024 scores. They await results. National testing authorities give results and answer keys. NTS usually announces test results within 7–10 days. Answer keys precede results. Gat general 1 results are expected on January 31, 2024. This link will be updated to check 2024 gat general I outcomes.

nts result by roll no 2024

The Higher Education Commission HEC, Pakistan’s sole higher education regulatory authority, now requires all M.Phil and MS applicants to pass the NTS GAT General Test. Any HC-recognized university will not admit GAT General non-passers. The NTS GAT General Test is valid for one year, thus you must take it again to apply for the MS programme the following year. Keep checking this page for the GAT General Test Result 2024.

www.nts.org.pk 2024

NTS conducts the GAT General four times a year. According to the schedule, Graduate Assessment Test General (GAT) I, II, III, and IV are administered in January, April, July, and October. For GAT Subject and GAT General scheduling updates, check this page regularly.
nts gat result card

NTS Graduate Assessment Test GAT Result 2024 Check Online By CNIC

Department: GAT General 2024-I
Test Date:
Last week Of January 2024
Answer keys: Download Here
Result: Click Here

NTS Graduate Assessment Test GAT Result 2024 Check Online By CNIC

NTS GAT Result 2024

CNIC 2024 NTS GAT Subject Test Results. www.nts.org.pk. This page displays the 2024 NTS GAT Subject result. GAT Subject Results 2024 candidates are awaiting results and answer keys. View your 2021 gat results here. Graduating Test 2024-I GAT Subject. Sunday, February 13, 2024. Results here. 40. National Aptitude Test (NAT 2024-II). GAT 2024-II (GAT 2024 II) GAT General and Subjects were held on April 3, 2024. Enter the CNIC number in the results box to check your results immediately. On the National Testing Service website, candidates can examine GAT I, II, III, and IV results.

GAT Subject Result 2024

Testing and Assessment (T&A), Network and Partnership Building (NPB), Institutional Capacity Building (ICB), Regional and International Cooperation (RIC), and Information and Knowledge Management are the goals that the NTS hopes to accomplish (IKM).

GAT Results 2024

GAT students must eagerly await their results. Once NTS announces the GAT results, our website will display them by roll number or CNIC card. Visit our website for NTS GAT Results updates.

NTS Admission Test

Pakistani and international colleges accept GAT scores for Mphill and MS admissions. Mphill admittance requires GAT testing for 16-year-olds. NTS conducts GAT General examinations in various months. Visit our website for GAT General Test Dates.

GAT GeneralTest NTS produces results 7–14 days after the test. Students can match their answers and compute their scores using the GAT Test Answer Key before the official results. Our website will post the GAT Test Answer Key soon after its release. Students can view their online mark sheet and GAT NTS General Test Results.

Post-GAT General Test

Students who want to retake the GAT to improve their grades can find the GAT NTS Test Schedule here and start preparing. GAT results improve the likelihood of MPhil and MS admission, and colleges prefer GAT Test Successful candidates over others.

How to check the Result:

  • A candidate who is willing to check the NTS test result should visit this site.
  • The result can be checked in two ways.
  • First by identity card number while the other method is by roll number.
  • Enter your id card number or roll in the form mentioned above and then enter the correct code.
  • At last click on the search button.
  • Your result will be displayed as well as your total marks.
  • You can also download your result. Press ctrl+p to take the print.


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