Molestation case filed against Jitendra Awhad NCP leader: After a complaint of molestation was lodged against the leader of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), Jitendra Awhad, by a member of the BJP party on Sunday evening, Awhad’s supporters have been organizing rallies outside the Mumbra police station. A large number of stores in Mumbra have apparently been closed, and supporters have been seen crowding the area outside the police station.

Molestation case filed against Jitendra Awhad NCP leader

After the Mumbra police in Maharashtra registered a case against him for allegedly manhandling a woman activist of the BJP in a crowd while he was leaving a function, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) MLA Jitendra Awhad announced on Monday that he was resigning as a legislator. The incident allegedly occurred while he was leaving a function. Within the space of a week, this was the second First Information Report (FIR) that was filed against the Mumbra MLA. He was taken into custody and booked for his claimed involvement in disrupting the showing of a film at a cinema hall in Thane last week. “In the past three days, the police have filed two false charges against me, and both of them are under Section 354 of the Indian Penal Code. This is a murder committed against democracy. I am going to fight. Awhad tweeted early on Monday morning that he had made the decision to resign from his position as an MLA. The leader of the NCP asserted that he was the subject of “fabricated cases” in their investigation.

In other news, a special Maharashtra police unit that guards VIPs will be commencing a recruitment campaign for almost 450 new people toward the end of this month. The unit has been plagued by vacancies and has been stretched by additional duties since there has been a change in government. Since the security of all legislators and parliamentarians connected with Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s camp was elevated to ‘Y+’ security in July, the Special Protection Unit (SPU) of the Maharashtra Police has been under additional stress. This has been the case since July.

Molestation Case Against NCP MLA Jitendra Awhad

Ruta Awhad, Awhad’s wife, stated that “The woman who filed the complaint is free after posting bond. And what caused her to understand, after a period of four hours, that her modesty had been insulted?” According to allegations made by Jayant Patil, who is the head of the Maharashtra NCP, the state administration has been targeting Awhad on purpose.

Patil, who was present at the news conference together with Awhad, made the assertion that “the complainant woman had seen CM Shinde before the case was filed against Awhad.”

“He has submitted his resignation to the company. We will debate the matter with Sharad Pawar, the leader of the NCP, and then make a decision. Awhad is disturbed. He could defend himself against any other claims, but not the one that was being brought against him “Patil added.

According to the information provided by the PTI, he also requested that people reflect on the type of government that is currently in power in the state.

An ex-leader of the Aam Aadmi Party and current RTI activist, Anjali Damania, tweeted as well, “In the past, I engaged in battle against Awhad on multiple occasions. However, the charges that have been brought against him are unjustified.”

The second case brought against Awhad by the NCP

According to the sources, Awad has been charged with a crime under section 354 of the Indian Penal Code at the Mumbra police station. Jitendra Awad turned in his resignation to Jayant Patil, who is the president of the NCP in the state, notwithstanding the grave allegations that have been leveled against him. Jitendra, while speaking to media in Thane, said that he was emotionally upset owing to the claims, which he stated had disturbed not only his public life but also his private life. Jitendra was speaking about how the allegations have affected both of his spheres of life.

The reaction of the NCP’s Jitendra Awhad

Jitendra Awhad is quoted as saying, “I assume full responsibility for all offenses 307, 323, and 323 that I have committed and that I am capable of committing.” However, the charge of molestation under section 354, which I have never been guilty of in my entire life, is baseless. How did the police take down this information about the crime? In the video, the woman’s statements that were included in the FIR can be heard very clearly. It’s possible that filing a case against me in such a way that I’ll be disgraced in society was part of the plan all along.

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