You can find MDCAT Toppers Result or the Best marks in MDCAT 2024 at MDCAT is a standard test used to gain admission into medical schools in Pakistan. MDCAT Toppers and List of Position Holders are accessible here, with accurate and complete details. The top positions in MDCAT results for the 2024 Pakistan Medical Commission are shared to help students.

Highest Marks in MDCAT 2024

According to the data, The highest score in MDCAt 2024 was a 198-out of 200. Below are the specifics for the pupil who scored the top marks across all MDCAt provinces in 2024.

MDCAT 2024 Topper Name: Ghazia Assar

Marks: 198/200

MDCAT Statistics 2024 Online Merit Result

In the prior NUMS report in 2024, there were seven students with marks ranging between 185 and 189, while one female student scored 190, known as Nimra Afzal. There were no students with marks between 195 and 199.

At the bottom of this article, I will link to a web page to check online nums stat 2024 results. The statistics of every test illustrate the students’ participation in competitions and getting the top score.

PMC MDCAT Stat 2024
Marks Range Between Students
195 – 199 0
190 – 194 1
185 – 189 7
180 – 184 33
175 – 179 83
170 – 174 310
165 – 169 598
160 – 164 1016
155 – 159 1462
150 – 154 1881
145 – 149 2074
140 – 144 2349
135 – 139 2465
130 – 134 2610
125 – 129 2728
120 – 124 2711
Less than 120 31923
Students who appeared in the exam 52251

UHS Mdcat Topper 2022

MDCAT 2024 results are accessible on the PMC website. Candidates can use their registered CNIC/POR/B-FORM/Passport No. to verify their results. The printed result certificates are available.

Accessible on the PMC on the PMC website starting 24 November 2024. The PMC website will be available from 24 November. Please get in touch with the exam-taking university if there are any mistakes or omissions concerning the exam results.

MDCAT Toppers Result 2024 Check Toppers List Online

MDCAT Toppers Result 2024 Check Toppers List Online

Highest Marks in Mdcat 2024 in Sindh

The top scorers in the exam are always highly contested because of the high degree of competition. Candidates with the highest MDCAT scores are included in the toppers lists. This is a valuable resource for students prepping for the MDCAT exams as it gives them an idea of what score they will need to obtain admission to medical schools. Students who have difficulty preparing for the MDCAT can use the Toppers Lists for help since they can determine the scores they must improve to be competitive with the best students.

MDCAT Merit List 2024

MDCAT Toppers 2024 are going to be some very special individuals. It requires a lot of effort and determination to get to the place these toppers are. It requires many sacrifices and exceptional skills to be a top performer. You cannot be at the top by simply having the ability. Students must also understand how to manage their lives and be smart top performers. This is the only way to get a spot on the MDCAT. These days and times, performing something unique to earn the highest marks and be an MDCAT post holder are essential. The article below that is the subject we’ll discuss.

MDCAT Toppers List 2024

MDCAT is an examination that each medical student must take to study at a medical college in Pakistan. The entrance test tests a variety of aspects of the students. Medical students must have solid foundations and understand the current situation. That is the reason MDCAT is designed in a way that tests all these elements.

PMC official website mdcat 2024

It tests the fundamental understanding of medical students about entering the field and whether they dare to deal with stressful situations. In the past, between four and five years, UHS used to give negative marks for incorrect answers. That created a lot of stress for students and tested their skills. Then, they added logical reasoning or the critical thinking section of MDCAT to examine this.


Topper Mdcat MCQs

In this article, we’ve informed readers what we know about MDCAT best performers and why it’s important to be aware of their performance on the MDCAT. We also discussed the MDCAT 2021 numbers and their significance. We made every effort to break these numbers down for you to understand as much as humanly feasible. Being aware of these facts is crucial for MDCAT as well. Because these students are taking tests to fill a couple of seats, it’s essential to be aware of the basics of the game. You can set targets for yourself and work harder to meet those targets.

MDCAT Toppers List 2024

We will provide you with the MDCAT 2024 Exam toppers list for you. MDCAT 2024 was administered by five different Provivnal Medical Universities in Pakistan. PMC has stated it will be conducting MDCAT 2024 in each Province. Each Province will create and conduct its MDCAT for provincial students this year. In the past, we’ve observed an Online National MDCAT exam administered through PMC. The MDCAT exam is paper-based and is administered through UHS, SZABMU, ETEA KMU, DUHS, and BUMHS. This article will focus on the top marks in MDCAT 2024 and High Achievers.


What is MDCAT?

The Medical and Dental College Admission Test is a highly competitive test to evaluate students’ abilities. MBBS and BDS hopefuls.

What if I failed the MDCAT?

In the past, no rule said that you had to pass MDCAT. However, now you have to score at least 65% marks to get through.

Do I have to do this test over again?

It is no limit on the number of times you can take the MDCAT.

What’s the point of MDCAT?

The objective of this exam is to assess MBBS as well as BDS aspirants. The merit percentage of half is derived from this test.

What’s the benefit of having the top spot on your list?

It inspires you and provides you with a specific objective for your test.

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