Welcome to the official website of Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) at issb.gov.pk. Here, you can check the result status of ISSB for the year 2024 and download your call letter. To verify your ISSB status and obtain the ISSB reference letter, please visit www.ISSB.gov.pk. You can also find the recruitment status for the Pakistan Army, Navy, and Pakistan Air Force on this page. The ISSB conducts written exams for various courses, including the P.M.A. longer courses (141, 140, 141, and L.C.C.), as well as other classes and lectures. Candidates undergo a medical examination as the first screening process, and only those who pass proceed to the interview stage.

Please note that some students have reported issues with the official website, www.issb.com.pk, such as it being down or inaccessible. In case you experience any difficulties accessing the website, you can visit our website, ntsmcqs.com, where we will update the results of all ISSB internal tests, including the mechanical aptitude test, personality test, intelligence test, and final medical selection, as soon as they become available.

ISSB Result 2024

To check your ISSB Result 2024, you can visit the official website www.ISSB.gov.pk. There, you will find the ISSB Result Status 2024 Call Letter section, where you can verify your result status online or request a reference letter from ISSB. The website provides the latest updates on the ISSB’s current status, including recruitment numbers for the Pakistan Army, Navy, and Air Force. The ISSB conducted written tests for various courses, such as the PMA long courses (141, 140, and LCC), following the correct procedure.

ISSB Result 2024 Check Online Status

To check the status of your ISSB result and access your call letters, click on the provided link. This is applicable if you have successfully cleared the initial medical and written tests. Keep checking the website regularly for updates on exam dates and roll number slips for the ISSB. You can also find information about the timeline, final grade, and ISSB 2024 merit list. Both male and female applicants must visit the main ISSB website to check their call status and be eligible for an interview.

ISSB Physical Result 2024

After completing the physical and written examinations at ISSB, interviews will be conducted. These interviews will be based on the results of the written and physical tests. If you are unable to find your ISSB result on the official website www.issb.com.pk, you can check it here. In case the official site is not working, you can also verify your ISSB exam results on this platform. The call status for 150 PMA L/C has been announced, and candidates can check their status online. We provide a direct link to access the results.

ISSB Result Time & Date

The results of the ISSB Psych Test for 147 PMA L/C can be found here. There has been a change in the status of 150 PMA L/C. The online database provides a comprehensive list of the group/batch status for each P.M.A. longer program (140-150), as well as the status of other courses like L.C.C., DSSC, and other classes.

Navy P.N. courses have been begun on October 9th, 2024. And will continue until November 12th, 2024.

ISSB Result 2024 – Inter Service Selection Board
Name of the Organization Inter-Services Selection Board- ISSB
Name of the Course 141 142 143 145 147 148 149 15 PMA Long Courses
Exam Date April/May 2024
Category  Result 2024 ISSB

ISSB PMA Long Course Result 2024

ISSB PMA Short Course Result 2024

Official website www.issb.gov.pk
Result Status Available here
ISSB Interview Schedule & Result Date June/August 2024

ISSB Result Status 2024 Call Letter

Applicants can visit the official website, www.issb.com.pk, to check if they have been called for an interview. To access the ISSB 2024 Result Status Letter, please follow the link provided. Today, the ISSB’s decision will be announced. You can check your ISSB results, download recommendation letters, and request letters on the official website, www.issb.gov.pk. The ISSB (Inter-Services Selection Board) can be accessed online. If you are looking for the results of the Navy’s various examinations conducted by different branches, you can find them by clicking here.

ISSB Result Kohat 2024

Here you may view the issb result kohat 2024. Successful candidates are accepted to one of three academies in Pakistan: the Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul, the Pakistan Naval Academy in Manora, or the Pakistan Air Force Academy in Risalpur. Several private institutions provide SAT and ACT prep courses.

Inter Services Selection Board Result 2024

ISSB recommendation letter downloads now. They did not send the letter until the late Inter Services Selection Board Conduct Test for Pakistan Military Academy Long Course, and several applicants participated during the exam. We are thrilled to announce that the ISSB calls have been uploaded to this page. Candidates can download the call letter from this page without trouble.

ISSB Result Status 2024 Check Online

This call’s status for 47 PMA L/C has changed. Candidates can check their call ISSB Result Status through their official site. Suppose you’re a potential candidate looking to be a part of the Pakistani Special Forces. In that case, the ISSB Result Status is designed and based on three tests that comprise a medical, physical, psychological, and physical examination. This test aims to assess applicants on their capability to join the military.

ISSB Result 2024 Status Download Call Letter @issb.com.pk

Schedule for ISSB Test

Schedule for ISSB Test

Test Instructions For Candidates

If an applicant does not have proof of vaccination against COVID-19, he or she will be denied entry. There is a strict clothing code in place at Mess. The ISSB candidates’ mess requires all test-takers to wear the Shalwar Kameez with Waistcoat, as well as closed-collar clothing (pants, shirt, and tie). data transfer of any kind

ISSB Test Centers Cities

Letters are issued in odd numbers to ensure a steady flow of ASRC applicants engaged in the process. Programs for selecting Commissioned Officers are conducted for five days during the ISSB Test. Alongside mechanical ability Tests, Personality Tests, Intelligence Tests, and Medical Selection, The ISSB Test includes a set of internal tests for candidates to succeed.

ISSB Exam Result 2024 Today

The International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) is an independent private sector organization that develops and accepts IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards (IFRS SDS). They can be viewed here if you’re not successfully locating the ISSB exam results on the official website. It is important to note that the ISSB operates under the control of the IFRS Foundation.

Inter-Services Selection Board Call Letter

We’re pleased to let you know that ISSB call signs are now available here on our website. Call letters for the candidates can be downloaded easily from this page. On the official ISSB Pakistan website, you can check the status of your call and view your ISSB results. Here you may find the ISSB Answer Keys 2024, which you can then use to estimate your score before the official results are released.

ISSB request letter for 2024 Females and male

Remember that the ISSB Result Status is the body that has the primary responsibility of deciding the military officers of Pakistan.

ISSB Result Gujranwala 2024

The ISSB exam includes physical, medical, and psychological exams for Pakistani special forces hopefuls. Currently, there are two ISSB tests per year, one at the start and one at the end. The following groups cannot take the ISSB exams. You never ask the ISSB about your work during the exam. The ISSB posts the call letter online. Enter your full CNIC number and press “Submit.” A bar with your CNIC number will appear at the top of your screen to indicate your call letter.

ISSB Result Kohat 202

ISSB Result 202 is available. Download ISSB result 2024 Status Call Letter at www.issb.com.pk. Pakistan Army, Navy, and Air Force Inter-Services Selection Board results in 2024. The ISSB has issued the PMA comprehensive course result, and applicants can check their call status on the website.

ISSB Result 2024 Answer Key

Candidates can get their call letters on this site. You can also view ISSB Result Status and your call’s status through ISSB’s official Pakistani website. You can find ISSB answers for 2024 via this website. They can use them to estimate your marks before the final score.

SR ISSB Exam Test Result 2024 Action
1. Call Letter Click Here
2. Result Status Click Here
3. Contact Click Here
4. Ineligibility Click Here
5. Selection System Click Here

ISSB Call Letters Check Online

Candidates who have passed their first written and medical exams can view their ISSB results and the status of their call letters online. Visit this website for more information about finding the ISSB exam date, the roll number slip timetable for meetings, the most recent results, and the ISSB Result Status 2024. Male and female applicants should check the status of their call letters on the official website of the ISSB and obtain their call letter on the way soon.

How many candidates are selected in Issb?

The online ISSB Result Status Candidates for Call Letters must be able to pass written tests, examinations, and medical tests. This ISSB recommender letter to 2024 tells you whether you’re eligible for the ISSB initial test and ISSB Result Status. Pakistan Army, Navy, or P.A.F. First test and permitted to take the ISSB initial test, or not.

Selection Board checks the following quality:

  • Appearance
  • Self-Confidence
  • Expressions
  • Academic Skills
  • Leadership
  • Fitness
  • Motivation
  • Awareness

ISSB Test Information

See or download your ISSB Result 2024 Today Status, Test Schedule, Recommendation Candidates List, and Call Letter here. ISSB result and candidate reporting time today. ISSB Call Letter Status Check Written, medical, and interview tests are required. Online ISSB Test Results. Candidates can download the result sheet. www.issb.com.pk ISSB Result Status Call Letter.

ISSB Syllabus

Intelligence Test Two exams: Verbal Test & Non-verbal Test. Personality Test:

There are written tests to be taken, Analytical and projective tests. The mechanical Aptitude Test is one test that tests the perception of motion.

  • ISSB Past Papers
  • ISSB Requirements 2024
  • ISSB Requirements for Females in 2024
  • ISSB Test Exam Preparation

How can I check the ISSB call status?

The official site of the Inter-Services Selection Board (ISSB) allows information on exam outcomes in 2024.

  • Visit the official website of ISSB (https://online.issb.com.pk/issb/query/resultstatus.php).
  • When you search, input your current CNIC Number into the correct field.
  • To submit your completed form, Click on”Submit.
  • They will post the results in the shortest time feasible.
  • Examine your findings and then download the results.

Click here to Apply Online

Contact Number and Address

  • Phone #: 021 – 4953810, 021 – 9247448
  • Address: GSO-2 (Selection), ISSB Malir


How much of a percentage is required to be a part of ISSB?

FSc (Pre-Eng) Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Mathematics Science/Computer Studies at least 70 percent marks. A-level (having English as a compulsory subject) and passed five issues.

How do I access your ISSB email online?

You must fill in your complete and complete CNIC Number. in that bar, after which you click on the submit button.

What can I do to check my ISSB results?

ISSB Result Status and Call Letters are available to download at @www.issb.gov.pk and @www.issb.com.pk

How do I apply to ISSB online?

Students can apply for registration by mentioning all requirements for their personal or academic life that They must include on the application form.

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