Some people aspire to have a high-paying career. They want a job where they can demonstrate their abilities. Aside from that, they want to earn a lot of money simultaneously. If you want a career like this, IB Intelligence Bureau Jobs are the most acceptable option. Every year, the institute has a large number of job positions. Those interested in a profession where their daily work contributes to the country’s advancement can apply here. If there is an open seat, IB will publicize it. Anyone can view and apply for jobs posted on its Website.


If you are honest in your desire to help Pakistan, you have a decent chance of getting in. So apply without hesitation. You can find the position criteria here. You can determine your eligibility by reading them. Learn about employee compensation and perks at this institute as well. Check out the current open seats on the list. After you’ve decided on the one you want, you can apply for IB Intelligence Bureau Jobs. Finally, learn about the application process.

Eligibility Criteria for IB Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2024

  • Only Pakistani nationals with legal residence in any province of Pakistan are eligible to apply for IB Intelligence Bureau Jobs .
  • A Matric / Middle / Primary degree is required for the relevant position.
  • To apply, you must have relevant skills/experience.
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 30 for IB Intelligence Bureau Jobs .

List Of Available Job Positions

• Stenotypists
• Data Entry Operators
• Dark Room Assistant
• Vehicle Mechanic
• Staff Car Drivers
• Masalchi
• Bahishti
• Waiter
• Naib Qasid


The Intelligence Bureau of Pakistan is a civilian intelligence institution that reports directly to Pakistan’s Prime Minister. It is presided over by the Director-General. It is located in Islamabad and is part of the Ministry of Interior. The IB is overseen by an oversight board nominated by the Prime Minister, and a joint parliamentary committee at the IB Jobs 2024 exists to report its performance.

The Pakistan Administrative Body (IB) is the country’s most potent Central Intelligence Agency, directly and formally reporting to the Prime Minister. It is also Pakistan’s most critical business corporation, with activities in the country’s provinces. The IB Intelligence Bureau Jobs is Pakistan’s most dependable overseas intelligence organization. The IB is responsible for internal and external intelligence, counter-intelligence, and defensive security.

IB Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2024 Advertisement Apply Online

IB Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2024 Advertisement Apply Online

IB Jobs Intelligence Bureau Advertisement in Newspapers

Steno typists (BPS-14) Apply Now
Data Entry Operator (BPS-12) Apply Now
OM (BPS-11) Apply Now
GD (BPS-11) Apply Now
Tech (BPS-11) Apply Now
Dark Room Assistant (BPS-11) Apply Now
Vehicle Mechanics (BPS-11) Apply Now
OM (BPS-07) Apply Now
GD (BPS-07) Apply Now
Drivers (BPS-04) Apply Now
NC (BPS-01) Apply Now
Malachi (BPS-01) Apply Now
Bahishti (BPS-01) Apply Now

How To Apply For IB Jobs?

Candidates can easily apply using the Website listed in the IB Intelligence Bureau Jobs  advertisement. Also, eligible individuals should apply. However, They will accept only qualified candidates. Likewise, click the “Apply Button” to go directly to the Website where applications can be submitted. Secondly, give accurate information; fake information providers will be denied. However, for more information, please see the IB Intelligence Bureau Jobs  advertisement.

Salary & Benefits

Jobs in the IB (Intelligence Bureau) pay more than those in most other public institutions. The benefits it offers are unparalleled in the state. All of your troubles will evaporate if you get a post here. You will not have to hunt for new employment. You will earn a respectable living. A starting officer’s annual salary is 1.2 million Pakistani rupees. Wages rise in direct proportion to experience. Officers with 1 to 3 years of experience might earn up to 1.6 million PKR annually. An officer with eight years of experience makes more than 2 million PKR yearly.

The benefits begin with life insurance. The institute also provides health and medical advantages. Employees are entitled to paid time off. That allows them to take a break from their daily routine. You will have perfect job security as long as you are honest. As your professional experience grows, so does the number of bonuses you receive. The organization provides lodging for its employees. Employees here receive transportation and phone bill reimbursements. IB’s retirement plan is superior to others. Your lifestyle does not change significantly after you retire.

How to Create an Account at

  1. To begin, navigate to on your browser.
  2. You can only use a user’s CNIC and mobile number to create one account. No, you may not have several accounts.
  3. Click the Login button (top right corner of the page).
  4. You can enter your Name, CNIC, and mobile phone number by clicking the Create Account option.
  5. Each field has precise instructions provided beneath it, so read them carefully.
    Ported or landline numbers are not supported. Please provide a valid cell phone number (They will use this number for communication with the user)
  6. Keep your Password private and don’t share it with anyone, mainly if you use a Password Manager such as Password.
  7. Enter the Captcha code.
  8. To complete the submission procedure, click the “Submit” button.
  9. Try refreshing the page if the captcha isn’t being confirmed. (Shift+F5)


How Do I Apply For Recent Job Openings?

As a result, you must read our post to determine whether the application process is online or via hand submission.

How To Search For Available Opportunities?

Indeed, you may find a variety of career possibilities on the Joip Homepage and in the All Jobs Section. Furthermore, we keep everything up to date.

Is There a Way To Receive Jobs by Email?

Yes, the feature is available on our Website. You’ll also need to fill out a registration form on the homepage.

Can I Get Assistance With the Application Form?

Of course, we assist our guests in completing online application forms. Furthermore, to receive assistance, please use the Contact Us Form.

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