The Qurandazi for Hajj 2024 is scheduled to be announced on the night of December 31, 2024, according to Religious Minister Aneeq Ahmed. The balloting will take place in Karachi at 6 pm. Over 66,000 applications have been received for the regular Hajj scheme. The results of the Hajj Applications for the Hajj 2024 Draw, conducted under the government scheme, will be released by the Federal Ministry of Religious Affairs at 4 PM. To view the full results, visit the Ministry of Religious Affairs’ official website at

According to the Ministry of Religious Affair, the Ministry of Religious Affair completed the first, second, and third lucky draws for this year’s Hajj. You can now view the names of successful candidates.

Waiting List for Hajj 2024 Balloting

The government holds a lucky draw in this situation to include other names of pilgrims. The entire process of drawing the lucky numbers is conducted under the supervision of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Pakistan. It is fair and transparent.

Hajj 2024 Balloting Result

Pilgrims will be provided with many facilities by Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Remember that governments will only support Pilgrims who make their Hajj under the government scheme. Candidates who are not included in the Hajj 2024 balloting results may cash out their Hajj deposit in banks. They will need to deposit the Hajj fee again.

Govt Hajj Package 2024

Candidates who are eligible for Hajj must deposit their passports and medical certificates through banks. For further information, they can contact their travel agent or tour guide. Hajj usually holds a lucky draw once a year, but the government may increase the quota.

Today Hajj News in Pakistan

Pakistan Government Hajj Draw 2024 Final Selected Candidate List You can check it online. The Hajj Policy 2024 was announced by Sardar Muhammad Yousaf, a Religious Minister. He stated that in 2024, 179210 Pakistani will be performing hajj. The total number of Pakistanis who will perform hajj under the Government Hajj Scheme is 86021, and 57347 under the private Hajj Scheme is 57347.

Hajj Draw Result 2024 Selected Candidates List Check Online

Hajj Draw Result 2024 Selected Candidates List Check Online

On March 12, 2024, a draw will take place. The Government Hajj Draw 2024 will decide if you will perform the hajj in this year’s calendar. Only then can you perform hajj if your name appears in the Pakistan Hajj Drawing Result 2024.

Hajj 2024 Balloting

Hajj Draw Result(Hajj 2024). Pakistani Hajj Draw Result application 2024. To see your result, please enter an ID card number (or Hajj application number) You can check online your name in the LIST OF SELECTED CANDIDATES ON THE MINISTRY of RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS AND INTERFAITH HARMY GOVERNMENTS OF PAKISTAN official site

Hajj 2024 Price Pakistan

This is because of snowfall and land sliding in certain areas that can cause hajj applicants difficulties. The complete hajj lucky draw results can be found here at This site is dedicated to helping you Fulfill Your Dreams of Performing Hajj. The pilgrims spent 4,000 to 33000 rupees and the money was returned to each pilgrimage at a rate between 37 thousand rupees and 60 thousand. They were also returned.

Hajj balloting 2024 Waiting List

The waiting list is issued by the government at the time that the Hajj names are announced. Sometimes people change their minds due to various reasons. The government allows people on the waiting list. We will publish the Hajj 2024 waiting for merit list on this page when it is available.

Hajj 2024 News Update Today Pakistan

He stated that the package was priced at Rs. Qurbani North residents can avail of the package at Rs. 486,270 All accommodation arrangements have been made following Saudi Arabian laws. Food will be provided for pilgrims at no cost. The pre-Hajj flight operation, which will last for one month, will begin in 2024. Each pilgrim will be allowed to carry 32kg of baggage. Hand-carry should not exceed 7Kg. Excess baggage will Hajj Draw Result in a 15 Saudi Riyal per Kg fine. Each Haji will be allowed to bring a 10-liter AabeZam-Zam-Zam bottle upon their return.

Candidates List Check Online

All pilgrims must have their Passports at all times during the holy ritual. This was the Hajj Draw Results. Keep following us to receive all the LIVE updates and instant updates. Learn more about the Hajj Draw Result 2024 and get answers to your Hajj-related queries from us.

Hajj Policy 2024

The 2024 Hajj Draw Result of the government states that Pakistan’s Hajj Quota has been increased to 179210 + 5,000. This policy will be implemented using the 60:40 split between private and public Hajj Group Organizers. Newly enlisted non-quota-holding companies would also receive an additional 5,000 slots. The Hajj this year will not be free.

Hajj Balloting Waiting List 2024 Download

All are welcome! The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has issued the Hajj Balloting Waiting List 2024. The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has issued the Hajj Balloting Waiting List for 2024. 32000 pilgrims will perform the hajj. This is out of 63666 total. If you are looking for a Hajj Balloting Waiting list 2024 but have difficulty finding any useful information, don’t be discouraged.

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This is because this website will cover the Hajj Balloting Waiting List 2024 in detail. The Hajj Balloting Waiting List 2024 has been posted on May 15, 2024. Applicants can now check the status of their applications online. Let’s take a look at the page to see the latest Hajj Balloting Waiting list for 2024.

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