Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education is an independent body of the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training of the Government of Pakistan. Federal Board Result 2024 SSC Part I Check by Name from here. The Federal Board acts as the interface between different educational boards in Pakistan. Its primary purpose is to oversee the operation of Secondary and Intermediate education. In addition, it conducts annual exams for large numbers of students. The FBISE is the board’s jurisdiction. It includes garrisons in the northern regions, ICT, and other areas.

FBISE is committed to providing a supportive environment for students while they pursue their academic interests in the foundations. The immediate needs include the development of a Quality Enhancement Cell, which will improve examination standards through understudies’ criticism and create a pool of qualified paper setters, analysts, and assessors with specific training. FBISE’s multi-dimensional approach to glorifying all its partners is possible only with cooperation.
Board Name FBISE (Federal Board)
Name of the exam SSC Part 1 9td Class Examination
Exam Date 02 August 2024
Result Date 2nd November 2024
Result Type Annual
Result Status Announced on
Category Matric 9td Class Result
Official Website https://www.fbise.edu.pk

How to check the FBISE SSC-1 Result 2024

Roll Number allows students to check their SSC Part-II results. FBISE assigned each student a Roll Number at the start of the 2nd Annual Examinations. You can access your Matric 9th Class Result 2024 using your Roll Number. First, visit the official website of FBISE, www.fbise.edu.pk, then click on the Result button. Enter your credentials to check the result.
Federal Board Of Intermediate and Secondary Education released SSC – I and II Result 2024 for the 2nd annual examination on Thursday, 3 November 2024. Students who took part in the 2nd Annual Examination may check their results. FBISE also announced the results of the Matric 10th class 2024 in the 2nd Annual Examinations.

Federal Board Jurisdictions

Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education FBISE Islamabad assists students of Islamabad, Cantonamnets Board Schools, Garrisons Schools, and Gilgit Baltistan GB and FATA. After declaring Islamabad the Capital of Pakistan in 1975, Federal Board has been working.
If you have been declared successful in FBISE SSC 1, you can start studying for the 10th. If you pass the 10th class with high marks, you will calculate your total marks based on both the 9th and the 10th classes. As a result, you will receive a Matric Certificate after the 10th class. This certificate allows you to take intermediate courses at any college. On the other hand, you can be satisfied if you get lower marks. Therefore, work hard in the 10th to make up the difference in your 9th-class score.

Federal Board Islamabad ssc part 1 Position Holders 2024

Name Roll Number Class Marks
RAFIA KHAN 9508733 9th 514
MUHAMMAD ABDULLAH 9003984 9th 513
ALEEZAY WASEEM 9528051 9th 512
AYESHA ABBAS 9529875 9th 512
HAFSA 9500854 9th 512

BISE Federal Board Position Holders 2024

وفاقی تعلیمی بورڈ نے میڑک کے سالانہ امتحانات برائے سال 2021-22کے نتائج کا اعلان کر دیا ہے۔ کنٹرولر امتحانات کی طرف سے جاری اعداد وشمار کے مطابق کل حاظر 111445طلبہ طالبات میں سے 86.58کی اوسط سے 95819امیدواران پاس جبکہ 14793امیدواران کو فیل قرار پائے ہیں ۔جاری نتائج کے مطابق سائنس گروپ میں آرمی پبلک سکول ہمایوں روڈکی مریم خان 1096نمبر لیکر پہلے ،آرمی پبلک سکول ای ایم ای کالج کی فاطمہ بنت اسد اور جوائنٹ سٹاف پبلک سکول کی ماہ نور علی 1095نمبر لیکر دوسرے جبکہ آرمی پبلک سکول کی ہی عابیہ رفیق1094نمبر کے ساتھ تیسری پوزیشن پر رہیں

How do I get roll no slips from Federal Islamabad?

These are the steps you need to obtain a Roll No Slip.
  • Please enter your Form No according to the Admission Form.
  • Please enter your current exam roll number.
  • Please enter your previous roll number.
  • Please enter your reference number.
  • Please enter your complete name according to the Admission Form.

Fbise Result 2024 SSC 1 Expected Date

The Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad (FBISE Islamabad) is expected to announce the SSC Part 1 results in November 2024. The SSC 1 results are generally released at 10:00 am Pakistan Standard Time (PKT).

Federal Board Result 2024 SSC Part I Check by Name

Federal Board Result 2024 SSC Part I Check by Name

SSC 1 Results of Bise Federal Board 2024

Welcome to the site. We wish you all the best for your final result while you wait for the FBISE SSC part I-II results. The Federal Board announced the results for the 9th class annual exams today, 5 August 2024, at 11:00 am. Online results can be accessed by students who took part in the Federal Board yearly exams. Below is the complete procedure for checking your result online. To receive your Matric result via SMS, you can also send your Roll Number to the appropriate code of the board. You can also verify the result using other methods, as described below.
In May-June 2024, the Federal Board administered the matric exams. The annual matric result will be announced in August 2024. It is the responsibility of the Federal Board to report the results according to its schedule.

Position Holders of FBISE SSC I 2024

Federal Board has declared the position holders for matric. The board’s website allows students to view the names of the position holders for each group. Our website also allows you to view the terms of toppers.

FBISE Result 2024: Matric Updates

Students who have passed the matric exam under the FBISE can now wait for their FBISE results. We offer all the most recent updates to students regarding matric results.

Procedure to Verify Fbise Result 2024, SSC 1

This page contains guidelines for students of SSC that need to become more familiar with the process to verify the fbise SSC results. The entire process has been described for student convenience.
Check your fbise results by:
  • Name
  •  Roll Number Slip
  • SMS
  • Gazette

Fbise Result 2024 SSC 1 by Name

It is easy to verify the federal board result 2024 SSC 2. However, many candidates need to learn how to check their results. Follow the steps on this page.
  • Visit the website www.fbise.edu.pk.
  • Choose the option “For students.”
  • Click here to view the results.
  • Choose the exam type.
  • Select the option “Search By Name.”
  • To verify your result, enter your name and send it in.

Check the fbise SSC Results by Roll Number

Roll number is the most common method to check the SSC result 2024 Fbise. Students study their results online using roll numbers for the majority. That is the procedure for students.
  • Visit the official website at fbise.edu.pk.
  • Choose “For Students”
  • Click on “Results.”
  • Choose the exam type.
  • In the box below, enter your Roll Number.
  • Send it in, and you will see your results.

Fbise SSC Results by SMS

SMS is the fastest way to verify the SSC Part 1 result 2024 fbise. Students who need to learn to verify their results via SMS will find the following procedure helpful. We have provided the steps for students. This site also contains complete instructions.
  • You can access the message option from your mobile phone.
  • Write “FB” (space) Roll number.
  • They can send it to the Federal Board using the code “5050”.
  • Within 15 minutes, you will receive a text message containing your results.

SSC 1 and 2 results by Gazette

The Result Gazette includes information about the fbise 2024 SSC 2. Students can download the “Result Gazette” in pdf format. One hour after the results were announced, the Result Gazette was uploaded to the website. Students can check their results online if they wish.

Important Information about Fbise 2024 SSC Result

  1. Bise Federal Board has yet to announce the matric results.
  2. Students of SSC will take exams starting 17 May 2024.
  3. Students can participate in the SSC in many groups, including Arts, Science, and Humanities.
  4. SSC Part 1 and 2 have total marks of 550
  5. Practical exams will also be required of students.
  6. They will combine written papers with the marks received in practical exams.
  7. Paper takes 3 hours.
  8. All groups’ results will be published on the same day.

www.fbise.edu.pk Result 2024 SSC 1

You will be issued your Matric Certificate after you have completed the 10th class. That will enable you to apply for any intermediate program at any institution. So keep going even if you did not score well in the 9th grade. You can improve your marks in subsequent classes.


A candidate who is:
(1) is a bonafide applicant and is on the rolls of an affiliated institution before appearing in the examination.
(2) has completed his admission form and paid his fee to the board via the Head of his institution. Therefore, the board may fix the dates.
(3) was registered at SSC-1 Level by the board

Contact infor and Address:

Sector H-8/4, Islamabad, PAKISTAN. P.O. BOX NO. (1365)

Phone: (042) 99260350

Email: [email protected]

Website: fbise.edu.pk

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What time is FBISE Matric 9th Grade 2nd Annual Exams Results 2024?
The FBISE Federal Board will announce the Matric 9th Class 2024 result on 3 November 2024 at 03:00 pm.
What is the SMS Code for checking FBISE Matric 9th Grade Result?
To check the FBISE Matric 9th Class result, use the SMS code 5050
What number of position holders will the FBISE Board announce?
The FBISE Federal Board has announced three positions.
How do I check my FBISE 2024 Result?
You can view your FBISE SSC Part-I result via SMS, Roll Number, and Gazette. To check your Roll Number, visit the official website. Then, send your Roll Number to 5050 by SMS and receive the details of the results.

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