Download Past Examination Papers (Old Papers) of Federal Board Past Papers Islamabad, Pakistan. This Federal Board of intermediate and secondary education was founded in 1975 under the governing body’s control to supervise inter-class cooperation. Federal Board takes an annual exam for students in the eleventh grade (FSc Part-I/First Years) in April each year. Also known as FBISE, Also called FBISE is the primary source of the secondary and intermediate level of education throughout Pakistan and across the globe. Download the old exam documents (old examination documents) to this year’s Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE), Islamabad, for class 11 (also known as”the initial year).


Federal Board Past Papers Class 11

The most comprehensive knowledge-based buckets of books and other resources are available to students annually. It could be overwhelming for any student. However, simple techniques such as extensive past essays can make the process enjoyable. The FBISE was founded around 1975 under the governing Board’s guidance, which they established to supervise the inter-classes.

Fbise Past Papers Solved

They serve as an intermediate between the actual exam and the practice for exams, as students practice by answering questions they tried to solve. It’s also known as the Federal Board of intermediate and secondary education. It’s the primary reference point for middle and secondary education throughout Pakistan and globally.

Federal Board Past Papers 11th Class Solved Pdf

A vast amount of knowledge from books is available to students every year. It can be difficult for anyone, but simple tips like thorough homework assignments could aid students in gaining the knowledge they need.


FBISE Past Papers Solved

In addition to past tests, students across the country can use our MCQs examples and videos with 4K resolution online classes and notes online from class. Also, recordings of lectures covering every subject taught in the class. Taking tests and reviewing old papers helps keep you up to date and, more importantly, helps boost your confidence.

FBISE Solved Paper Principles of Accounting Annual Exam 2024 Download Online
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FBISE model papers 2024 Download Online
FBISE past papers solved 2024 Download Online
federal board past papers 11th class solved physics 2024 Download Online
FBISE past papers 2024 Download Online
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Federal Board 11th Class Past Papers Download Online

Fbise Past Papers Solved Class 12

The Federal Board is a federal agency. It is a government agency. The Federal board is run by an administrative authority that controls and manages finances. It contains everything beginning with the course outline, exam papers, check-ins, etc. Model papers are essential as far as the future exam. Every college, school, or educational institution affiliated with the Board is bound by the established rules and regulations. Syllabus 2022 manage all the education requirements starting in the 9th year of 11 and 12. You can download the PDFs for all the collections of papers published by Fbise immediately. This Federal board also provides previous reports, as well as educational materials for students who are currently studying to help them prepare.

Federal Board Past Papers 11th Class Solved 2024 All Subjects

Federal Board Past Papers 11th Class Solved 2024 All Subjects

Federal Board Past Papers 11th Class Solved Physics

The fbise also offers previous papers and other learning materials to students enrolled to enhance their learning. Past papers are an essential part of the past and will assist you in planning to face the challenges of tomorrow. A wealth of information through books handed out to students each year. These books can help with any obstacle, but simple tricks such as thorough past papers can provide a positive experience. They act as the link between the actual exam and preparation for the exam because students can test their knowledge with questions that previous students have tried. Testing and checking old papers lets you track your progress and increases confidence.

Fbise Past Papers HSSC 1

In the marketplace, numerous publishers sell FBISE models for the 9th,10th, 11th, and 12th grades. Federal inter-colleges also use specific FBISE model papers for preparation. Students can also purchase 1st-year model papers, sample papers, guides and help books. The majority of students need help paying for the cost that is included in FBISE paper models. Students have the option of downloading FBISE Model papers in pdf format.

FBISE past Papers Download PDF

Our provided FBISE past papers can be helpful for both genius and average-mind students. We are adding more old documents from the Federal Board every year. Apart from the old pieces available, you can also download the FBISE papers and a date sheets roll with no slip and the final report in time. Make sure to visit our website frequently for such helpful information.

Islamiat Past Papers 2024 Federal Board 11th Class

11th class Islamiat Past Papers 2024 Federal Board. Before 2005, all power the Board had was in the hands of the province’s governor. However, at present, these powers have been transferred over to the Provincial Chief Minister. He is the chief authority for all matters that concern the Board. Responsible for management of the Board and internal management, who is responsible for the policy-making process.

That is because the Swat board of education has taken the examination for Class XII, and students are searching for their Urdu. Students constantly ask questions about the announcement date for results or the date of the 11th class in Urdu. Students are requested to notify that information in September Urdu as we know that students taking general and private exams simultaneously take both exams. The Board of Education will first accept new students.

Instructions for Candidates

A candidate should be at the Centre of the Examination at least 45 minutes before the time specified for the first paper and 30 minutes before the time set for the subsequent article.

  • If a candidate arrives later at the Examination Centre, the actual time of his arrival is not given in the Written Objective Question paper.
  • If the candidate shows up at the time of Objective Type Exam Papers, they are only allowed to take advantage of the remaining time within the specified time for the Objective Type Exam Paper.
  • Candidates must note the Roll no slip (as per the roll slip) and any other information before making a note.
  • Anything in the answer book or supplement.


Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad, PAKISTAN.P.O. BOX NO. (1365)      [email protected]         UAN: 111 032473

Frequently asked Questions

How can you tackle writing a Federal Board paper?

Federal board papers are complicated to get through without flying colours. However, anyone can do it with ease if they know the tricks of the trade when attempting to write an FBISE paper. Your first impression should be the most memorable impression you can make and make your essay appear with elegance.

What are the significant marks on the Federal board?

Students taking Federal board exams for classes 9, 10, 11 and 12 should keep an eye on the fact that the minimum percentage of passing the FBISE is 33%(24.75 cents). In addition, if you want to enrol in their preferred universities or colleges must score an A+ or an A-grade. A+ refers to percentiles higher than 80%, and A is greater than 70% but less than 80percent.

Is FBISE cutting it’s their syllabus in 2024?

It’s not true; FBISE officials have announced that there will not be a revision to the syllabus for students in the year 2024 academics. However, all students in all classes must be prepared for exams using all the syllabi required to pass the tests.

How do I score the best scores in the Federal Board exam?

Achieving a high score is the goal of every student and especially those who will be taking the Federal exam this or next year. If you want to get through your FBISE exam with flying colours, Here are some suggestions to follow through the year, as you will only tackle part of the syllabus in a single night. Concentrate on the paper you will be presenting. Also, work on the past five years’ exams so that you can be prepared for the exam according to the pattern.

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