Cadet College Kohlu is among the most reputed and well-known educational institutes that has opened the doors for their eighth entry admission in 2024 for the 7th grade enrollment. In this article, we will talk about the admissions process in general and the best way to apply successfully. CTSP Entry Test Result 2024 Cadet College Kohlu Admission For 7th class.

CTSP Entry Test Result 2024

Cadet College Kohlu Admission Test results are in the merit list of 2024 The Class 7th entrance exam 8th Admission online review. Career Testing Service Pakistan (CTSP) administered the admissions test. Cadet College Kohlu 2024 CTSP Entry Test Result 2024 and answer Keys as well as the Merit List can be found via the link below.

Finalists will be sent invitation letters in the mail along with information regarding how to apply to the college. Career Testing Service Pakistan CTSP Entry Test Result 2024 are held on the scheduled dates.

کیڈٹ کالج کوہلو
داخلہبرائےکلاس ہفتم

تعلیمی سال
2023(آٹھویں انٹری)
کیڈٹ کالج کوہلوکے لیےجماعت ہفتم میں برائے سال
2023داخلے کا آغاز ہو چکا ہے ۔ کے
: تعلیمی قابلیتوہتمام طلبہ جنہوں نے مارچ2023سے پہلےth6کلاس پاس کی ہوئیہو۔
عمر کی کم از کم حد گیارہ سال اور زیادہ سے زیادہ تیرہسال ہے ۔

بلوچستان ٹیکسٹ بک بورڈ
2022کےمندرجہ ذیل چار مضامین میں تحریری امتحان لیا جائے گا

CTSP Entry Test Result 2024 Cadet College Kohlu Admission

CTSP Entry Test Result 2024 Cadet College Kohlu Admission

What’s the eligibility Criteria?

For the CTSP Entry Test Result 2024 For Cadet College’s Principal Kohlu admission of 7th class. All the students who are interested in applying have to ensure that they’ve passed the their 8th class exam and be between eleven to thirteen years of age. Additionally, they must be physically and mentally active.

How do I Apply to Cadet College Kohlu?

The admission form and prospectus for the cost of 2000 rupees. You can also download the application form by visiting the official website of It is required to submit the application form along with the attached copy to the slip of deposit for Rs 2000 to the branches of the bank HBL in the name of the Principal Cadet College Kohlu.

داخلہ فارم :داخلہ فارم کالج کی ویب سائٹاور فیس بک پیجFB
: Cadet College Kohluپر اپ لوڈ کر دیا گیا ہے ۔online admission formکی فیس مبلغ۔/2000
روپے ہے جب کہ
TCSدفاترسے ایڈمیشنفارم کیفیس مبلغ۔/2500روپے بشمولTCS charges.ہے.کی نیز اس
Hard From
صوبہ بلوچستان کی تمامHBL Branchesمیںدستیاب ہے۔
داخلہ فارم کی فیس:مبلغ۔/2000روپے اکاؤنٹ نمبر70001620032516
میں جمع
کرکےبھیج سکتے ہیں ۔ داخلہ فارم
داخلہ فارم جمع کرنے کی آخری تاریخ
16جنوری2023ہے ۔
طریقہ انتخاب :طلبہکا انتخابغیر حاضر میرٹ کی بنیاد پر کیا جائے گا ۔ تحریری امتحان یا انٹر ویو میں
ہکو فیل تصور کیا جائے گا ۔کوئی بہانہ قبول نہیں اس کے بعدہوگا ۔
:داخلہفارمبھیجنے کاایڈریس:داخلہفارم مندرجہذیلایڈریس پربھیجیں۔
کیرئیر ٹیسٹنگ سروس پاکستان ،اسٹریٹ نمبر
9،پلاٹ نمبر140،انڈسٹریل ایریا ،I10/3،اسلام آباد
تحریری امتحان کی اطلاع :تحریری امتحان کی اطلاع بذریعہ رول نمبر سلپ کی جائے گی ۔ اس کےلیے
کیویب سائٹ کو چیک کرتے رہیںکو بذریعہ ۔اور امید واروںSMSبھی آگاہ کیا
جائے گا ۔

انٹرویو کیاطلاع:بذریعہ کال لیٹرانٹرویو کیاطلاع تمامکامیابامیدواروں کودیجائے گی۔
فائنللسٹ :کامیاب امیدواروں کی حتمی لسٹ کالج کی ویب سائاور فیس بک پیج پر اپ لو ٹڈکی جائے گی ۔۔
ہیلپنگ ڈیسک:ایڈمیشن انچارجآفتاب عمر ،03337308687
اسسٹنٹ ایڈمنغلام شاہ ۔
03338247717اکاؤنٹنٹ محمد زبیر۔03336340619

Last Day Application for Admission to 2024

Candidates must complete their admission forms by the 0th of January 2024. After this date, no application forms will be accepted without cost. CTSP Entry Test Result 2024 For Cadet College’s Principal Kohlu admission of 7th class.

Admission Formula

CTSP Entry Test Result 2024; Admissions are strictly granted on the merit. This is determined through a interviews, written exam as well as a medical examination. The test for writing will be drawn from the Balochistan Text Book Board, 2020’s condensed syllabus for Class VI. It includes the following four subjects.

  • Cadet College Kohlu is pleased to announce admissions in class 7th for the year 2023.
  • Eligibility Criterion: The candidates must have passed class 6th examination from a recognized school before March 2024.
  • Availability of admission forms: Admission forms can be downloaded from:, our FB page i. e Cadet College Kohlu, its hard form is also available at all TCS offices and all HBL branches (all over Balochistan).
  • Age limit: The candidates must not be under 11 and over 13 years of age till February 28, 2024
  • Syllabus: The syllabus of written entrance test is from the four subjects of Balochistan Textbook Board Quetta 2022 of class 6th. The detail is as under. Detail English Math Science Urdu Total
  1. Objective (MCQs) 05 05 05 05 20
  2. Subjective (Short questions) 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5 30
  3. Subjective (Detail questions) 10 10 10 10 40
  4. Interview 10 Total 100
  5. Selection criterion: Admissions are granted strictly on the basis of merit which will be determined through written entrance test, interview and medical examination. If anyone failed to appear in written entrance test or in interview on specific dates and time will be considered failed.
  6. The fee of admission form will be Rs.2500/- including TCS charges whereas the admission form is also available on FB Page: i.e Cadet College Kohlu , HBL branches and website i.e its fee is Rs. 2000/-
  7. Registration fee challan of Rs. 2000/- to be deposited in online account title PCCK, Branch Code 2516 Account no.7000162003 of Habib Bank limited (HBL) in any branch of Pakistan.
  8. No admission form will be accepted after its closing date.
  9. Intimation of written entrance test: Date of written entrance test, center and time will be intimated through roll no. slips which can be downloaded from the website of Career Testing Service Pakistan. i. e Closing date of admission forms is January 16, 2024.
  10. Intimation of final selection: Successful candidates are intimated by call letters on the addresses mentioned in admission form. However list of successful candidates are also uploaded on our FB page i. e Cadet College Kohlu and our official college website.
  11. Helping Desk: Aftab Umar Incharge Admission 0333-7308687 Ghulam Shah Admn Officer 0333-8247717 M.Zubair Account Officer 0333-6340619
  12. Postal address for submission of forms: All candidates must send their admission forms on the address given below. Career Testing Service Pakistan (CTSP), Street no.09, Plot no 140, Industrial Area, I-10/3, Islamabad.

Note: Applicants who download admission forms on the websites above are advised to deposit the amount of Rs. 2000 in the CCK account no. 25167000162003 in one of HBL’s branches. HBL in the name of Cadet College’s Principal Kohlu. Address to submit the Admission Form: CTSP Career Testing Service Pakistan Office No. 140, Street. 9 Sector I-10/3 industrial area Islamabad.

The Last Date to Submit A The Complete Admission Form in All Respects is January 16, 2024. No Admission Forms Will Be submitted after the Last Date for Submission for the CTSP Entry Test Result 2024.

Notification Of Written Exam: Written test will be conducted on February 2024 in Quetta. In addition, Career Testing Services Pakistan will announce the time and Centre via the roll number slip.

An announcement of interview and medical Test: Candidates who are able to pass for the written test will be invited for an interview as well as a medical examination by the college in Quetta.

Cadetcollegekohlu Result 2024

Cadet College kohlu Admissions On Self-Finance Basis for the classes 8th and 9th in the academic year 2024. All in Balochistan. Any candidate who has passed an CTSP examination is invited to participate. What’s the procedure to verify what the result of the Cadet College Kohlu exam in 2024? Result 2024

CTSP Entry Test Result 2024 Cadet College Kohlu 2024 Check online here. The candidates who will participate in this Cadet College Kohlu in 2024 CTSP test will be able to see their test results online. Junior College of Kohlu Kohlu is the venue to take test for the Balochistan CCK. In the wake of the exam, we will share here the full results of that Kohlu College Cadet test in 2024.

CTSP Entry Test Result 2024 Cadet College Kohlu

The accreditation of the university was given by officials from the Government. It has earned a top standing among the provincial cadet schools. CTSP Entry Test Result 2024. CTSP test was used to find the most effective and smart applicants to be admitted to. The results of CTSP are expected to be released in the in the near future. So,

7th Class CTSP Entry Test Result 2024

Students scheduled to take this year’s Cadet college Kohlu CTSP entrance test in 2024 are in a position to know if they’ll succeed in passing their CTSP test or not. With just one click, you can gain instant access to the Cadet College Kohlu 7th grade entrance test outcomes for the year 2024. Students will be able to access all the details for this Cadet College Kohlu entrance test by visiting this page.

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