CSS Schedule 2023 FPSC Written Exam Date Sheet

CSS Schedule 2023 FPSC Written Exam Date Sheet check online at this page. The Federal Public Service Commission has officially revealed the CSS Written Examination 2023 Schedule, which is good news for recent bachelor’s degree recipients (FPSC). A lot of people who had applied for CSS had been waiting for this for a whole year. Candidates for the CSS who sign up for CSS written test preparation will be better equipped to tackle the rigors of the CSS written examination in 2023. A Look at the CSS Exam Dates for 2023 from the FPSC.

The registration, schedule, and testing date for the Multiple Choice Preliminary Test (MPT) for the Competitive Examination 2023 has been released by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) (CSS 2023). The dates for the CSS (Central Superior Service) competitive test for 2023-23 were announced in a circular from the Federal Public Service Commission in Islamabad. The 2023 CSS exams are open to everyone who registers before the deadline. Here you will find information about how to apply to join CSS, as well as the application itself, the test, and the outcome.

On October 30, 2023, the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) released the schedule for the CSS Written Exams in 2023. The deadline for submitting online applications to FPSC for the written portion of the CSS Competitive Exams, 2023 is November 14th, 2023. This applies to all applicants who passed the MCQ-based preliminary test (MPT). Applicants must also submit a paper copy of the application form and all necessary supporting materials.

CSS schedule 2023

The timeframes and schedule for the CSS Competitive Examination 2023 have been authorized by the Federal Public Service Commission FPSC. FPSC has issued a notice in regard to this timetable. On July 1, 2023, the official Schedule will be posted to the FPSC website. Go ahead and have a look at this The FPSC has given its approval to the CSS – 2023 Timetable.

CSS 2023 schedule

In order to fill positions at the BS-17 level in the federal government, the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has announced the dates for the Civil Service Examination (CSS) in 2023. The public notice for the 2023 cycle of the CSS examination will be posted on the FPSC website on 1 July 2023, as per the provided information. After the beginning of the written portion on February 1, 2023, it will be over.

CSS schedule 2023 FPSC

Activity Timeline
Placement of Schedule for CSS CE – 2023 on FPSC website 01 July
Advertisement & Receipt of applications for MPT CE – 2023 07 August 2023
Receipt of online applications for MPT CE 2023 08 August – 22 August
Reservation of Halls and Preparation of breakup 10 September 2023
Conduct of MPT 2023 and Posting of Answer Keys 2 October 2023
Announcement of MPT Result 17 October 2023
Advertisement for Written Exam 30 October 2023
Receipt of online application from MPT Qualifiers 30 October – 14 November 2023
Receipt of hardcopy of online application along with documents Until 24 November 2023
CSS Written Examination 2023 Commencement date 1st February 2023

CSS Examination 2023 Schedule, CSS 2023 Schedule, CSS 2023 Dates

CSS Examination 2023 is moving quickly due to the CSS 2023 schedule. Chairman Federal Public Service Commission FPSC approved the CSS examination 2023 timetable. The department advises wings/branches/officers to prepare for the CSS Exam 2023. CSS 2023 hopefuls can prepare. They’ll take CSS 2023 soon. CSS test 2023 timetable.

What is MPT in CSS

Candidates for the CSS test received the MPT in 2023. MCQ-based Preliminary Test (MPT). After passing MPT, applicants can apply for CSS 2023. FPSC announced CSS 2023 MPT dates.

CSS Exam Date Sheet 2023 FPSC

CSS Schedule 2023 FPSC Written Exam Date Sheet

FPSC CSS Exam Date Sheet 2023

The FPSC has released the CSS Exam Date Sheet 2023, which you can download here. CSS is a Federal Services Commission competition for BS-17 departmental positions. This test will be given in multiple cities. The exam passers will be interviewed. Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and Quetta will host interviews. The Commission decides where candidates are evaluated or questioned. The competitive exam includes the written, medical, psychology, and viva voice. FPSC conducts and announces results annually. The official schedule is below.

FPSC CSS Exam 2023 Schedule & Important Dates

On October 0th, 2023, a newspaper advertisement for the CSS examination in 2023 will be released. The first applications will be received on the official FPSC website. Beginning on the 0th of October 2023, CSS aspirants may submit applications. Online application submissions will be accepted until November 30, 2023. Applicants must also give FPSC a paper copy of their applications and any other documents. November 30, 2023 is the end date for this function. Age-related qualifying requirements will be determined as of the 00th of December 2023. The first section of the CSS examination 2023 will begin on February 00, 2023. The FPSC CSS exam date sheet will be issued shortly, and we will also post it on this page.

امیدواروں کو امتحان میں عارضی طور پر ان کے اپنے رسک پر داخلہ دیا جائے گا بشرطیکہ وہ ہر لحاظ سے اہل پائے جائیں۔ تحریری امتحان کے نتائج کے اعلان کے بعد درخواستوں کی تفصیلی جانچ پڑتال پر، اگر کوئی امیدوار ان قواعد کے تحت کسی بھی حوالے سے نااہل پایا جاتا ہے تو اس کی امیدواری منسوخ اور مسترد کر دی جائے گی، قطع نظر اس کے کہ وہ امتحان میں شریک ہوا ہے یا اس میں اہل ہے۔ تکلیف سے بچنے کے لیے، امیدوار درخواست دینے سے پہلے اس بات کو یقینی بنائیں کہ وہ سی ایس ایس مقابلہ جاتی امتحان سے متعلق قواعد کے تمام تقاضوں کو پورا کرتے ہیں۔

The official CSS Exam Date Sheet 2023 will be released when registration closes on 14 November 2023. However, management has set the exam date for February 1, 2023, but not the full date sheet.

CSS Exam Passing Marks

CSS requires a second-division or grade C bachelor’s degree in any faculty from a Pakistani university or an equivalent degree from a foreign university recognized by the Higher Education Commission. The CSS Examination 2023 Date Sheet also requires Pakistani citizenship. CSS-required subjects have 600 marks. Each subject has two 100-mark papers. One paper in different disciplines. A candidate who does not appear in any compulsory subject cannot take the remaining exams. Candidates must choose 600-mark optional subjects.

MPT Syllabus for CSS Exam 2023

The syllabus for the subjects that are part of the preliminary test is based on the curriculum that is already in place for the CSS CE obligatory subjects. Please click on the link that is provided below for further details regarding the MPT Syllabus: Check Online 

MPT Past Papers for CSS 2023

Downloading MPT sample questions and practice tests can be found on the official FPSC website, where applicants can use them to prepare for the MPT exam. The MPT Practice paper is available for download via the URL provided below. Click Here

Eligibility Criteria For CSS  Written  Exams 2023

The written portion of the CSS Competitive Examination 2023 will only be taken by students who have passed the MCQ-Based Preliminary Test MPT CE-2023.

(2)The candidate must have attained a Bachelor’s degree with at least a second-class standing.

(3)The applicant must be between 21 and 30 years of age. Categories included in Rule 6 of the 2019 CSS Competitive Examination Rules are eligible for a two-year age concession.

(4)The cutoff date for determining the eligibility of the candidate in terms of age, qualifications, domicile, etc. is December 31, 2023.

(5)Candidates are allowed to the examination on a provisional basis at their own risk, pending their eligibility in every respect. Upon thorough examination of the applications following the announcement of the results of the written examination, if a candidate is found to be ineligible in any respect under these rules, his candidacy will be canceled and rejected regardless of whether he appeared in the examination or passed it. Before submitting an application for the CSS Competitive Examination, candidates must ensure that they meet all requirements outlined in the guidelines.

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