On October 20, 2024, Lahore’s Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) will release the second-year list of top placeholders. BISE Lahore Board Top Position Holders 12th Class 2024 Student List Check By Name from here. They summoned out the entire three board members in Lahore. The top scorers in the LAHORE Inter part-ii yearly exams in 2024 will be awarded the top spots in the LAHORE HSSC. The names and total marks of the 2024 top scorers from BISE Lahore Board Top Position Holders results are available on ntsmcqs.com.

This year’s top students from the 12th grade at the prestigious Bise Lahore School have been revealed in the board’s just-released toppers list for 2024. Here at ntsmcqs.com, you’ll find the entire list of students who earned the highest possible scores on the 2024 Bise Lahore Inter scholastic Examination.

2nd Year Result BISE Lahore Board Top Position Holders Name 2024

The Board Chairman of Lahore presented the outstanding students in Grade 12 with medals and gifts. View the 2024 Lahore, Sheikhupura, Nankana Sahib, and Kasur board of education top scorers. The Lahore Board 12th grade results are available online for viewing or downloading. All students at Intermediate Level 2 should look here to see who finished in first place in their class in 2024. Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Part 2 of 2. October 20, is when the results for the several boards in the province of Punjab—BISE Lahore, Multan, Sargodha, Bahawalpur, DG Khan, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, and Faisalabad—will be made public. However, They will reveal the Inter Part 2 Result 2024’s Top Position Holders today.

BISE Lahore Board Top Position Holders 12th Class 2024 Student List Check By Name

Check top Position Holders

Top Intermediate scores in all of Punjab (FA FSc 2nd year). Here on this website, we will make the HSSC announcement today. Keep reading this page for more information. For this simple reason, here you will find the names of all of Punjab’s top scorers alongside their grades and other statistics.

How to Check BISE Lahore 12th Result Top Position Holders 2024

  • Holders of intermediate positions on the Lahore board are present.
  • Those currently holding positions at LAHORE Inter
  • Part 2 Lahore HSSC Slot Allocation
  • Showcase the best of the Lahore Board
  • Don’t lose track of who the power brokers are in Lahore.

Lahore Board FA, FSC And ICS Part-II Result Toppers List 2024

Find out who will be representing Lahore’s 12th grade in the city council in 2024 thanks to this article. You may see who placed first through Lahore inter result 2024 on our site, The ntsmcqs.com. To recognise the hard work of its pupils and show their appreciation, Bise Lahore will hold an arranged ceremony at the board and welcome all of the instructors, students who have topped the board, and all of the distinguished members of government. The names of the best students from Bise Lahore’s second-year class of 2024 are listed below.

لاہور(سٹاف رپورٹر) اعلیٰ و ثانوی تعلیمی بورڈ لاہور کے زیر اہتمام انٹر میڈیٹ امتحان (پارٹ II) سالانہ2024 میں نمایاں پوزیشن حاصل کرنے والے طالب علموں کے ناموں کا اعلان چیئر مین لاہور بورڈ پروفیسر چودھری محمد اسماعیل آج شام 6:00بجے ذرائع ابلاغ کے نمائندگان کی موجود گی میں کریں گے لاہور بورڈ کے کنٹرولر امتحانات پروفیسر محمد ناصر جمیل کے مطابق انٹر میڈیٹ کے تفصیلی نتائج کا اعلان 12ستمبر کو صبح 10بجے کیا جائیگا اور پوزیشن حاصل کرنے والے طالب علموں میں انعامات تقسیم کرنے کی تقریب مقامی ہوٹل روڈ لاہور میں صبح 10بجے منعقد ہو گی صوبائی وزیر برائے اعلیٰ تعلیم راجا یاسر ہمایوں سرفراز تقریب کے مہمان خصوصی ہونگے ۔

BISE Lahore Intermediate 12Th Result Top Position Holders List

A wedding ceremony will take place at the board, and all faculty and students of BISE Lahore Board Top Position Holders are cordially invited to attend. There has been a sweep of the top spots on the leaderboard by government employees. The award might take the form of a scholarship or a monetary prize.

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BISE Lahore Board Top Position Holders 12th Class 2024 Student List Check By Name

BISE Lahore Board Top Position Holders 12th Class 2024 Student List Check By Name

BISE Lahore Top Position Holders FA FSC Result 2024

Those who performed very well on the online Second Year 2024 test administered by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) in Lahore can expect to see their names on an official list shortly. You may check your Bise Lahore 12th Class Result 2024 online and know where you stand among the top three students in the city. See who got the highest scores in the annual HSSC Part 2 exam in Lahore in 2024. The top three scorers in the 2024 Lhr Intermediate Part 2 test. You may view the complete list of current HSSC Part II post holders from the Lahore Board here on the internet.

Bise Lahore Board Position Holders HSSC 2024

We have provided the list of successful candidates for the 12th grade Lahore Board positions for 2024. Learn who ranked first in Intermediate BISE Lahore HSSC exams in 2024 by downloading their full names, roll numbers, and grade point averages. Get the name, roll number, and grade breakdown of the student who placed second in the HSSC test held by BISE Lahore in 2024. Name, roll number, and grade information for the 2024 HSSC exam’s third-place finisher: BISE Sargodha position holder

Lahore Board Position Holder
Bahawalpur  Board Position Holder Faisalabad Board Position Holder
Rawalpindi  Board Position Holder Sahiwal Board Position Holder

DG Khan Board Position Holder

Multan Board Position Holder

Frequently asked Questions

How can I check my roll no slip Lahore?

  • Type in your Admissions Form Number Here.
  • Please provide your current exam roll number.

How do I find my roll number by name board?

Before the announcement of the results, the Punjab Board will make the Punjab Board 12th Roll Number Search 2024 and the Punjab Board 12th Roll Number Search 2024. On the website, the Link will now function.

How do I find my roll number by name board?

You may visit the Lahore board’s official website to see how you did in the UP Board 12th Exam.

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