The AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal for 2024 provides a comprehensive platform for online education at Allama Iqbal Open University. Students can access a variety of online courses, seminars, and workshops through the portal. To log in, students use the credentials sent to them via a text message from the university. The password for the Aaghi LMS Portal is the Challan Number. The portal also allows for the submission of online homework and offers resources for online exam preparation, including materials, training on creating PDF files, and guidance on setting up a smartphone/PC with a camera. Information about accessing the Aaghi LMS Portal is available on AIOU’s main webpage.The students who want to get more information about AIOU aaghi portal login then visit our site


Logging into the Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) Learning Management System (LMS) is a straightforward process. Navigate to the official AIOU LMS login page, enter your registered username and password in the appropriate fields, and click on the login button. Ensure to keep your login credentials confidential and secure, as this portal provides access to important academic resources, course materials, and personal information.

AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal

Current LMS portal options have been supplied by the Allam Iqbal Open University. Online workshops and assignment due dates are available for the students to view. The Aaghi LMS login page for in-person courses has also been refreshed. Logging in with a Microsoft Account is an option for students studying abroad. You can sign up for a new LMS Microsoft account if you don’t already have one. Microsoft Teams is available for download so that students can communicate and work together with their peers and faculty at AIOU.

AIOU LMS Portal Account

To preserve student records, Allama Iqbal Open University created an online LMS Portal. AIOU AAGHI LMS Portal includes a Students Profile with programme details. Your semesters, workshops calendar, roll no slips, assignments, internships, tutors, scholarships, AIOU results, and more are also in AIOU AAGHI LMS Portal. If you’re registered in AAGHI LMS Portal AIOU 2024 and want to send assignments online, follow these steps. The AIOU LMS Portal’s features and operations are explained in full. The ICT team established AAGHI LMS Portal for online tests. For online exams, AAGHI LMS provides instructions, a sample (2 pages), and data sheets. Smartphones or PCs with cameras are required. It’s crucial to understand the Aaghi LMS Portal Workshop login process.

AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal Login |

The LMS AAGHI Portal AIOU Workshops Schedule for Repeated or Unused Workshops has been released by Allama Iqbal Open University. Participants will access the workshops via the LMS Aaghi Portal using their LMS username.

By entering your username and password in the following format on the AIOU website, you will be able to access your LMS PORTAL AIOU Login Via AIOU.EDU.PK (FACE TO FACE) account.

Your Registration Protected E-mail is your Aaghi Username. in all caps like this protected email

Your roll number (like this: bu354567) is the password for the Aaghi Learning Management System.

After your first login to the LMS, you should update your password by selecting the Preferences option in the top right corner of the page.

AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal 2024 login workshop

Name of the Organization Allama iqbal Open niversity – AIOU
Name of the Methods Spring 2024
Autumn 2024
LMS Portal
Programs Matric, FA, BA, MA Autumn & Spring
Date of Programs held August/October 2024
Category aaghi LMS Portal Result 2024
Official Website
Result Status Available
Mode of Results Declaration Online login workshop

The Allama Iqbal Open University AAGHI AIOU Portal Workshops Schedule includes Regular/Reappear and leftover workshops. Students can attend webinars. Students can access the workshops using their LMS username via the LMS Aaghi Portal. Use the AAGHI AIOU LMS Portal to log in using your username and password. Students must log in to AIOU LMS Portal using a university-provided SMS/Email username and password.

Allama Iqbal University students can view the workshop schedule and tutors after logging into AIOU Aaghi Portal. LMS provides online workshops for students. They merely need to go to the LMS course area for your workshop schedule and click the link to join. The LMS Portal lists each workshop’s date and hour. LMS password recovery is easy. Direct login to AIOU LMS Portal: login

Student convenience is Allama Iqbal Open University’s Student Portal. AIOU modified its platform with time. AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal is the first item AIOU offers instructors and students. AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal lets tutors and students manage admission, learning, and more. This page will enable LMS Portal AIOU 2024 students to submit assignments online. Several steps simplified it. For online tests, AIOU generated your LMS AAGHI Portal account. AAGHI LMS instructions, a sample undertaking (2 pages), and a Date Sheet are supplied for training (how to produce a pdf file) and a smartphone/PC with camera setup for the online exam.

Aaghi LMS portal workshop schedule

Search the AIOU website for the full 2024 AIOU Workshop Schedule Follow these steps to verify your AIOU Workshops Schedule 2024 on LMS Aaghi Portal;

  • LMS Aaghi login (Username and Password require)
  • Select Your Workshop Code under My Workshops.
  • AIOU Workshop timing and date. Join the online Workshop using the link (Mentioned there)

AIOU tutor portal

Visit AIOU’s website to register. “Aaghi LMS Portal” is here. Click it and fill out your profile. An SMS will confirm the code on your phone. Allama Iqbal University occasionally texts your Username and Password. If you have not received an SMS-related Username and Password, email the AIOU team or the Regional Office.

How To Login to AIOU AAGHI LMS Portal?

  • Start by visiting the official website URL below, clicking the login button, entering her User Name and Password, and opening her account.
  • Select your course for aghee assignment submission by clicking on My Courses. As seen in the image, aaghi portal Learning Management System Online delivered a pdf file for all of them.
    After clicking the Assignment link for submission, users can easily follow the instructions on their computer or phone.
    On the next page, clicking Add Submissions opens another window for him to chase him.
  • The following page will show the file icon, as seen below.
  • A new window appears, as shown below. After selecting upload, select your assignment file and press upload. Submit assignments in MS Word or pdf. Use professional scanners or smartphone scanner programmes for handwritten assignments, but keep file sizes under 05MB.
  • Press “Save Changes” on the final page.
  • Please ignore them. Edit your contributions till the deadline without issue. Under post-check, a submission status page will appear.

How to Reset AIOU Aaghi LMS Password?

The AIOU website requires your login or email address to reset your password. If you’re in their database, they’ll email you at your provided address. This email provides password recovery instructions.

Open “Aaghi LMS Portal”. USERNAME will be Their username will be after their registration number. These credentials allow account management.

Aaghi LMS Portal Result 2024

This post will teach you how to upload assignments to the AAGHI LMS Portal AIOU 2024 online. We’ve simplified the process for you in a number of ways; the AIOU staff has already set up your LMS AAGHI Portal account so you can take your exams online. Please find attached the essential AAGHI LMS instructions, a sample of undertaking (2 pages), and a date sheet for online tests that can be used for preparation (learning how to make a pdf file), training, and setting up a smartphone or computer with a camera for online exams. login

Latest AIOU Aaghi LMS Login Update: 17 October 2024 Allam Iqbal Open University uploaded LMS portal choices. Students can view online workshop and assignment submission schedules. Aaghi LMS face-to-face login is updated. International students can sign in with Microsoft Account. Create an LMS Microsoft account if you don’t have one. Students can download Microsoft Teams to collaborate with AIOU students and lecturers.

AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal 2024 login workshop

AIOU LMS Portal Login 2024 Details

Follow our detailed step-by-step instructions to learn the newest approach for uploading assignments to the Allama Iqbal Open University’s online learning management system, Candidates for Matriculation, FA, FSC, ICS, ICOM, DCOM, BA, BSC, BED, MA, MED, MSC, PHIL, and Ph.D. fall and spring semester programmes can see the new modern approach in AIOU LMS Learning Management System.

AIOU Contact Info:

  • Directorate of Students Advisory & Counselling Services, Gateway Block,Ground Floor, Allama Iqbal Open
  • University, Sector H-8, Islamabad-44000
  • (051) 111-112-468

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